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If you would like submit a complaint about a TLC licensee, please click here.

Note: You will be redirected to 311 Online. If you would like to learn more about the complaint process, please read the information below.

To view the Consumer Complainant Hearing Guide click here.

Submit a Consumer Complaint about a TLC Licensee or Vehicle

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (“TLC”) is the City agency that makes rules for and gives licenses to the medallion (“yellow”) taxi, for-hire vehicle, paratransit, and commuter van industries. We prosecute complaints from law enforcement and from members of the public. These complaints are adjudicated at the Office of Administrative Trial and Hearings - Taxi and Limousine Tribunal. 

When our licensees are accused of breaking our rules and regulations, they will receive a notice that they have violated our rules. Based on this notice, the accused will most likely plead guilty to an appropriate charge, pay a penalty and the case will be closed. In the event that the accused does not plead guilty, the accused is entitled by law to a fair hearing where they can defend themselves against any charges. At the hearing, an OATH Hearing Officer needs to hear your side of the story to help determine whether disciplinary action is needed.

You can provide testimony either in-person or by telephone at the OATH Taxi and Limousine Tribunal hearing room at 66 John Street, 11th Floor. Since all of our court hearings are open, your testimony cannot be anonymous and you must identify yourself during the hearing.

If your complaint is about broken or missing equipment, you do not need to attend a hearing. The TLC is able to investigate and inspect vehicles if necessary.

If you were in an accident with a TLC-licensed vehicle, you can request insurance information about that vehicle directly from their insurer. Our Web site has information about which insurance company insured the car. You will need to know the license plate number of the car. You do not need to request a hearing to process insurance claims.

Click here to get Vehicle Insurance information

Submitting Your Complaint and Before the Hearing

If you file a complaint and agree to participate in a hearing, the TLC will investigate your complaint. It is important that you maintain any documents related to your complaint including but not limited to the receipt from your ride. A prosecutor from the TLC’s Consumer Complaint Unit will contact you to review your complaint and verify the information that was forwarded to the TLC by 311. 

Once the TLC prosecutor verifies your complaint and determines that there has been a violation of TLC rules, the TLC will notify the accused of the violation/s. In the vast majority of cases, at this point, the accused will plead guilty to an appropriate charge and pay a penalty for breaking the TLC’s rules. You will receive a notification that the accused has pleaded guilty usually within 45 days of your initial complaint.

In the event that the accused does not plead guilty, the TLC will schedule a hearing at the OATH Taxi and Limousine Tribunal. You will be notified in writing of the day and time for the hearing.

If you require Relay or TDD service, please let us know when you return your Confirmation Letter.