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Your guide to Boro Taxis

The yellow taxi is an iconic symbol of New York City. But since the summer of 2013, New Yorkers can now spot a different color cab cruising city streets. The Taxi & Limousine Commission’s new Boro Taxi program (also known as the Street Hail Livery program) has licensed thousands of green Boro Taxis to serve areas of New York not commonly served by yellow medallion cabs. The goal of the Boro Taxi program is to improve access to street-hail transportation throughout the five boroughs – especially for persons with disabilities and people who live or spend time in areas of New York City historically underserved by the yellow taxi industry.

Boro Taxi drivers can pick up passengers from the street in northern Manhattan (north of West 110th street and East 96th street), the Bronx, Queens (excluding the airports), Brooklyn and Staten Island and they may drop you off anywhere. Each vehicle is associated with a local car service that has been affiliated with the Boro Taxi program and can still participate in pre-arranged trips. Boro Taxi drivers can be dispatched to pick you up in northern Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island and at the airports, but may not pick up any trips – pre-arranged or street hail – in the Manhattan exclusionary zone.

Boro Taxis can pick up passengers by street hail or prearranged trip outside the Manhattan exclusionary zone and by prearranged trip only at the airports. (Source:  TLC)

Boro Taxis have a number of features that ensure that they are easy to identify. Much like yellow taxis, Boro Taxis are uniform in color (apple green), have a debit/credit card reader, a meter, a roof light and a camera or a partition. The metered fare in a Boro Taxi is the same rate as for yellow taxis. Boro Taxis are equipped with GPS trackers to make it easier to find lost property and enforce our rules. These vehicles are inspected for safety and proper taxi equipment by the TLC twice every year.

All Boro Taxis are required to have the same markings and equipment to make them easy recognizable to passengers. (Source: Smart Design)

Passenger Resources
  • To find a Street Hail Livery base in your neighborhood, use our online base finder map .
  • Looking to compliment a Boro Taxi driver or make a complaint? Visit 311 Online .


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