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Taxi drivers and owners must return property they find in a taxicab.  If they cannot return the property directly to you, they need to bring it to a designated police precinct.

If you lose or find something in a black car, luxury limousine, livery (community car service), paratransit vehicle (ambulette) or commuter van, you need to contact the car service company you contacted for service.

Chapter 54 to view TLC Rules

In addition to contacting the TLC to assist you in recovering your property, you should contact the designated police precincts as well.  Lost items can be returned to any one of the precincts listed.

Click here  for list of Designated Lost Property Police Precincts

The TLC will make every effort to assist you with your report.  The TLC does not employ drivers or dispatch taxicabs.  The more information you give us, the better we are able to help you track down your property.  Please give us the following information if you have it:

• Date and Time of Cab Ride
• Pick up Location
• Drop off Location/Destination
• Taxi Driver’s Name
• Taxi Driver’s License Number
• Taxicab Medallion/License Plate Number
• Full Description of Item(s)
• Estimated value of the property
• How you paid for your cab ride; by cash or credit card


Please click here   to submit a Lost Property inquiry.  You will be taken to 311 Online to submit this request.

Feel free to visit 311 Online for an update.  Updates are usually available within two (2) business days.  You can also check the status of your service request online by visiting www.nyc.gov and clicking on the Service Request Lookup link.

If your property is found and you are not in New York City, you will need to have someone retrieve the property for you or arrange to have it mailed to you.

*Tips to Help You Find Your Lost Property:

  • Try calling your cell phone as soon as you discover it is missing.
  • Drivers frequently attempt to return property directly to its owner. So, if you were picked-up or dropped-off at a major transportation hub, including airports and rail stations, try calling the lost and found department at that location.
  • If you were picked-up or dropped-off at a hotel, contact the concierge or security office to see if your property has turned up there.
  • Keep in mind that another passenger may find your property and contact you directly.
  • Every time you take a cab ride, take your receipt.