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TLC Driver License

The TLC is now issuing a single license for both taxi and for-hire (FHV) drivers. All current medallion and FHV driver licenses have automatically converted to this new, combined license which allows these drivers to operate yellow taxis, livery vehicles, and Street Hail Livery (SHL) vehicles.

Current TLC licensees with medallion, FHV, or combined MED-FHV driver licenses do not need to obtain a new license card in order to begin operating a different vehicle in the taxi or FHV sectors. All current licenses are valid until the listed expiration date.

Paratransit and commuter van drivers are not included under the TLC Driver License and will still need to apply for and be issued a license specific to the operation of those vehicles.

About the TLC Driver License

The TLC Driver License creates opportunity and flexibility for both drivers and businesses by ensuring a larger pool of drivers are available to garages and bases. Licensees are also able to choose more freely across for-hire transportation industries, apps, hails services, business models, and vehicle types.

Holders of TLC Driver Licenses are held to the same standards and monitoring as taxi and FHV drivers, such as:

  • Fingerprint-enabled criminal background checks
  • DMV driving record checks
  • Drug testing

Current medallion, FHV, and MED-FHV licenses allow drivers to operate yellow taxis, FHVs, and SHLs. These licenses will remain valid until the expiration date listed on the card.

TLC Driver Flyer

Information for Current Licensees


License Number. All existing taxi and FHV drivers are automatically considered TLC Driver License holders. License numbers and associated information have not changed – only the license type.

Obtaining a New License Card. Drivers will receive a new TLC Driver License when they renew or need a replacement. Drivers who want a new license card before their renewal can request one be sent to them by mail free of charge through an online request system.

Official Letter from TLC. All current taxi and FHV driver license holders have received an email containing an official letter, including graphics of old and new licenses, explaining that medallion, FHV, MED-FHV, and TLC Driver License holders may drive yellow taxis, FHVs, and SHLs. While TLC has informed all local traffic enforcement agencies of the license changes, this letter can be used to verify the license’s validity and privileges.

Official TLC Driver License Letter

Current Licensee FAQ

Information for New Applicants


New applicants now only have the option of applying for the TLC Driver License to drive taxis, FHVs, and SHLs.


Starting October 15

All new drivers will attend TLC Driver Education. TLC Driver Education and exams will be provided in English, Bengali, Urdu, and Spanish.

New Applicant FAQ