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Yellow Taxi

Yellow Medallion Taxicabs are iconic to New York City. There are currently over 13,000 licensed taxicabs and over 50,000 taxicab drivers providing transportation for passengers in all five boroughs via street hails. Medallion taxicab drivers must follow a set of TLC requirements in order to be licensed to drive a yellow taxicab. Please click the links below to find more information for medallion owners and drivers. For information on becoming an owner or driver, please see the Licensing section.

Flexible Fare Pilot
Taxicab Leasing Pilot
Medallion Auction Information
Vehicles Approved as Taxicabs
Accessible and Clean Air Vehicles
Technology Service Provider (TSP)
Decals, Markings, & Printer Information
Taxicab Rate of Fare
Hardship Vehicle Retirement Extension
Financial Disclosure
Driver Bills of Rights
Accessible Taxi of Tomorrow Waiver