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Vision Zero at the Taxi and Limousine Commission

In February 2014 Mayor de Blasio released the Vision Zero Action Plan, which outlines actions the TLC, the Department of Transportation, the Police Department, other agencies, the public, and the private sector can take to end traffic-related deaths in New York City by 2024.  TLC Vision Zero initiatives range from greater education about street safety to incentives for safe driving and enforcement against unsafe behaviors.  The City’s main Vision Zero page is a trove of information about initiatives across the city targeting all drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. This page contains information about TLC’s Vision Zero initiatives.

Vision Zero TLC-Licensed Driver Crash Data 
(Fatal and Critical Injury Crash Review and Enforcement Report for Cooper’s Law and Local Law 28 of 2014)

Vision Zero TLC-Licensed Vehicle Crash Data
(Local Law 31 of 2014)

Fatigue Driving Prevention Rules. Fatigued driving is high risk. People who drive many hours, day after day and week after week, have a higher risk of crashing. The Fatigued Driving Prevention Rules, passed on February 2, 2017, are designed to ensure TLC-licensed drivers remain safe and alert while on the road. You can find all current information and guidance for the new rules on this page.

Vision Zero Base Reports. These reports provide facts and statistics about individual livery, black car, and limousine businesses to help passengers identify businesses with the best safety records. The reports also include information beyond safety statistics, such as vehicle information.

Safety Information for Base Owners. As a base owner, you have the power to make each trip in one of your affiliated vehicles as safe as possible. This page provides base owners with safety practices recommendations for their base, Vision Zero and external safety information to hand out to drivers.

Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot Program.  The Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot will allow companies that provide vehicle safety technologies, such as electronic data recorders (sometimes called “black boxes”), driver alerting systems, and speed governors, to test these technologies in any type of TLC-licensed vehicle.  

Vision Zero Markings on TLC-Licensed Vehicles. TLC-licensed vehicles’ markings are increasingly reflecting New York City’s focus on safety.

Outreach and Education. Engaging the public and TLC-licensed drivers, vehicle owners, and business owners in a dialog about safe driving is a key component of creating a culture of safety in NYC.

TLC Safety Honor Roll. The 2016 TLC Safety Honor Roll is the third annual list recognizing taxi and for-hire vehicle drivers who have outstanding records of safe driving over many years and millions of miles behind the wheel. TLC will also honor taxi fleets, car service bases, and commuter van companies with superior safety records and drivers who have distinguished themselves as exceptional providers of accessible service to our city’s wheelchair users.

TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi honored father and son Eliot and Howard Kugelman during the 2016 TLC Safety Honor Roll with a legacy award for their decades of service. Eliot worked as a driver until he was 83, and his second-generation son Howard has been on the road for 38 years. Howard has made our Honor Roll for three years in a row!

Alex Elegudin, the TLC's Accessibility Program manager, spoke during the Honor Roll ceremony about the crucial role drivers play in achieving accessible, equivalent taxi service in New York City.