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Appointment Type: Vehicle Transfer

What is a Vehicle Transfer:  This is an action you take when you want to transfer your current permit from the car you have now to a different car. 

Vehicle Transfer click here 

Note:  After the vehicle owner has had their Vehicle Transfer application processed and approved at our TLC Licensing Office, a TLC staff member will schedule them for a vehicle  Inspection.

If the vehicle owner decides he/she wants to submit a transfer application and has already received their vehicle renewal application in the mail, both applications can be accepted and processed at the time of the application appointment.  The vehicle owner must notify the TLC staff member that he/she would like to renew their vehicle license and submit their transfer application.  If both applications are considered to be complete, their vehicle will be scheduled for an inspection appointment.

If the vehicle owner cannot make their first scheduled inspection appointment or if they miss their appointment the Base must request a new inspection appointment.

Inspection Type

You have submitted your paper application and you now need an inspection appointment: 

  • DMV Inspection: f you have submitted your application to the TLC, have T&LC plates and your vehicle has more than 500 miles you need to schedule a full NYS DMV inspection appointment, Click here.
  • Visual Inspection: If you have submitted your application to the TLC, have T&LC plates and your vehicle has less than 500 miles you need to schedule a visual inspection appointment, Click here.
  • Visual Inspection: Commuter Vans and Para Transit Vehicle owners will need a visual inspection. Please Click here.

The vehicle owner must arrive at our Woodside Safety & Emissions Facility on the scheduled date and time for their inspection.  Bases MUST give a copy of the confirmation form to the vehicle owner. 

Bases are reminded to tell the vehicle owner that they should not be late or appear without their confirmation form.  If they do not have their confirmation form or if they are late, they will not be allowed into the yard and the Base will have to re-schedule their appointment.

After the vehicle passes inspection a TLC Officer will place the appropriate decals on the vehicle and the vehicle owner will receive their updated vehicle license in the mail. The vehicle cannot be operated/dispatched until it has passed its inspection.

Reminder: If the Base requests an incorrect appointment type, the vehicle owner’s application will NOT be processed and they will not be allowed to complete their transaction. The Base will then have to request a new appointment.

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