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How to submit a Transfer application for your TLC Vehicle License

Here you will find information on how to submit a Transfer Application

Types of transfer applications for a vehicle license:

Plate Transfer – when TC plates are lost, stolen, damaged or if vanity plates need to be replaced by TC plates.

Base Transfer – when the licensed vehicle needs to change from one Base to another.

Vehicle Transfer – A vehicle transfer is done when a licensee/applicant changes the vehicle associated with their current vehicle license/application.

Step 1: Complete a transfer application and gather all required items

Step 2: Schedule an appointment to submit your application

  • Click here to schedule an appointment.

Step 3: Attend your transfer appointment at a TLC facility. After your appointment you will receive instructions to either go to DMV to obtain TC plates, or you will receive an inspection appointment.

Inspection Appointment for Transfer Application: You must have your base request an inspection appointment if an inspection appointment has not already been scheduled or if you need to reschedule your inspection appointment.

If the vehicle owner does not want to appear at the TLC in person, they may choose someone to come to the TLC for them by filling out the Vehicle Power of Attorney Form.

To view Scheduled Vehicle Appointments at TLC and Scheduled Inspection Appointments at Woodside click on the below links.

For application appointments at the TLC Long Island City facility, if the Base scheduled the appointment, you will need to go to your Base to obtain the appointment confirmation.


After your initial TLC inspection, you must inspect your vehicle at a NYS DMV approved inspection station every 4 months to keep your vehicle license valid.
Visit a NYS licensed DMV inspection station to complete your tri-annual inspections. You do not need to have another DMV inspection at the TLC inspection site until you renew your vehicle license or change your vehicle.


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