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TLC Safety Honor Roll

In February 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio released the Vision Zero Action Plan , a roadmap of citywide initiatives designed to move us closer to the goal of zero traffic fatalities by 2024. As part of this plan, the TLC, one of three lead Vision Zero agencies alongside the NYPD and DOT, launched the TLC Safety Honor Roll.

The 2015 TLC Safety Honor Roll is the second annual event recognizing TLC-licensed drivers who have outstanding records of safe driving over many years and millions of miles behind the wheel. The TLC has high standards for its more than 135,000 licensed drivers, and on a mile-per-mile basis TLC-licensed drivers are some of the safest drivers on New York City streets. The 256 drivers on the 2015 TLC Safety Honor Roll represent a truly elite group. The TLC reviewed all of its licensed drivers’ records and identified 256 drivers who have, over five or more years, not had a single crash involving injury, a single traffic violation, or a single violation of TLC safety-related rules.  

This year the TLC Safety Honor Roll is expanding its scope to honor taxi fleets, car service bases, and commuter van companies with superior safety records. The TLC is also taking this opportunity to recognize drivers who have distinguished themselves as exceptional providers of accessible service to our city’s wheelchair users. Taken as a whole, today’s honorees are leading the way in TLC-regulated industries, improving service to the riding public and making our streets safer places to live and work.

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List of 2015 TLC Safety Honor Roll Drivers
List of 2015 TLC Safety Honor Roll Fleets, Bases, and Commuter Van Authorities
List of 2015 TLC Accessibility Honor Roll Drivers

These remarkable drivers and businesses will be recognized for their commitment to safety and service at a ceremony with their friends and families on September 10, 2015. 

Facts about 2015 Safety Honor Roll Drivers

TLC Safety Honor Roll drivers have had no crashes involving fatality or injury, no traffic violations, and no violations of TLC safety-related rules for five or more years as TLC-licensed drivers.

  • 256 drivers are on the 2015 TLC Safety Honor Roll.
  • 106 drive yellow taxis.
  • 147 drive black cars or livery cars.
  • 4 drive yellow taxis and black cars or livery cars.
  • 7 drive commuter vans.
  • 30 drive Boro Taxis.
  • The average honor roll driver has held a TLC license for 14 years.
  • 179 drivers made the TLC Safety Honor Roll for the first time in 2015.

Facts about 2015 Safety Honor Roll Fleets, Bases & Van Authorities

TLC Safety Honor Roll companies have the lowest shares of vehicles involved in serious collisions (i.e., collisions with an injury) in their categories in 2015.

  • The honorees include five yellow taxi fleets, 15 car service bases (five small, five medium, and five large), and three commuter van companies. 
  • These companies have been in business for an average of 12 years.
  • 11 of these companies provide street hail service, including both yellow taxis and green Boro taxis.
  • Each type of car service base is represented: five black car, eight livery, and two luxury limousine.

Facts about 2015 Accessibility Leaders

10 yellow taxi drivers will be honored for their superior service in the TLC’s Accessible Dispatch Program.

  • This program allows passengers with disabilities to have a taxi dispatched to them in Manhattan for destinations anywhere in NYC by either contacting 311, or via any one of five other contact options.
  • Each TLC Accessibility Leader provided at least 300 Accessible Dispatch rides in the past year.
  • Combined, these 10 drivers provided 4,598 Accessible Dispatch trips in the past year.