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Reapplying After Revocation

TLC rules state that drivers whose prior TLC Operator license was revoked under the Critical Driver (“CD”) or Persistent Violator (“PV”) programs CANNOT apply for a new license for a period of 3 years.  However, in limited circumstances, drivers may request that TLC waive the 3 year application ban.

Who can request that TLC accept an early application?
Drivers whose prior TLC license was revoked under either the Critical Driver or Persistent Violator programs and who meet the following requirements:

  1. It has been at least one (1) year since the issue date listed on the CD or PV summons; and
  2. No more than three (3) total DMV points for all DMV violations within the last three (3) years.  *Note, for purposes of the ban waiver, TLC will look at the date a violation occurred (rather than date of conviction) to determine whether the violation is within the prior three (3) years.

How can I request that TLC accept an early application?
Fill out and submit the waiver request form (the request form can be found here) along with your application, all required materials and fees to TLC.

If TLC grants my waiver request will I automatically receive a TLC license?
No.  If TLC grants your waiver request, TLC will then complete a review of your application.  Your application will only be granted if you meet all requirements for licensure.