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November 6 - General Election
Decals, Markings, & Printer Information

For Authorized Printers
As of Tuesday, May 22, 2012, there is only one Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that authorizes printers to print and distribute all TLC-authorized, industry-related markings, decals, and bills of rights. The new MOU covers taxi markings, Boro Taxi markings, accessible and clean air vehicle decals, and the bills of rights for livery, Boro Taxis, and commuter vans.

Please note – the livery bill of rights has changed – there is new language, and you can no longer print and distribute the livery bill of rights from the electronic file that you were previously given.

In order to receive new print files, and to continue using the ones that you have, you must print out two copies of the MOU, have the signature notarized, and mail both copies to the TLC.

Please select from below:
MOU for Authorized printers
Livery Passenger's Bill of Rights
Commuter Van Passenger's Bill of Rights
Taxicab Logo
TLC Authorized Printers (PDF)
Taxi DOV Driver’s Bill of Rights (PDF)
Taxi Fleet Driver’s Bill of Rights (PDF)