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Paratransit Base / Paratransit Street Hail Livery

Apply for a License 
Application for a New Paratransit Base License
Checklist for a New Paratransit Base License (Please read instructions first)
Renew a License
Application for a Renewal Paratransit Base License
Checklist for a Renewal Paratransit Base License (Please read instructions first)
Make your Renewal Payment or Plead guilty to or pay a Summons ONLINE, please click here

Change Status of a Base
Application to Change Ownership, Location or Name of a Paratransit Base
Checklist for a Change Application for a Paratransit base
Instructions for a Change of Corporate or DBA of a Base Station

Electronic Form to Terminate an Affiliated Vehicle 
Electronic Vehicle Termination of Affiliation Form

Vehicle Retirement Information Sheet
Vehicle Retirement and Mileage Requirement Information Sheet

Vehicle Insurance Requirements
Insurance Requirements

Street Hail Livery (SHL) Paratransit
To apply for an SHL Base Endorsement (to be licensed to affiliate SHL Permits), during the initial 30 day issuance period you must be an FHV Livery Base with a license in good standing for at least 3 years. After the 30 day initial issuance period ends, all Paratransit Bases and Commuter Van Authorities can then also apply for an SHL Endorsement. After the 180 day issuance period has lapsed all existing Bases can apply for an SHL Endorsement.

Apply for a Street Hail Livery (SHL) Paratransit Endorsement
Application for a SHL Paratransit Endorsement
Checklist for a SHL Paratransit Endorsement (Please read instructions first)

Renew a Street Hail Livery (SHL) Base Endorsement 
Application to Renew a Paratransit Endorsement
Checklist for a SHL Paratransit Endorsement (Please read instructions first)

Information on Scheduling a Vehicle Application or Inspection Appointment Using the Base / Authority Number and Password
Base/Authority Internet Password Guide
Affirmation to Request an Internet Password Form

Name Inquiry or Name Reservation
Name Inquiry / Reservation Request Form

Check TLC & DMV License Status
Current Licensees
Check your NYS DMV Status

Schedule an Appointment to Submit a Vehicle Application / Request an Inspection appointment / Request an appointment to Submit a Street Hail Livery Permit Application
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Scheduled Appointments
Scheduled Vehicle Appointments
Scheduled Appointments for the purchase of SHL Permits

Frequently Used Forms
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Electronic Record System
All Paratransit vehicles must use an electronic record system that collects and stores the trip record data electronically. Most of the required data fields must be collected in the vehicle. The trip record data must be transmitted to the TLC on a monthly basis.
Any method or equipment that enables a Paratransit base (TLC licensee) to comply with the requirements is acceptable. Paratransit bases can contract with any vendor to assist with the collection and transmission of this data; however the TLC does not endorse, sponsor, or recommend any vendor, service provider or service. The selection of a vendor or service is at the licensee’s discretion. The licensee is responsible for ensuring the vendor provides to the TLC the information required by TLC Rules in the format specified by the TLC. 

The below PDF document, titled “Information Fact Sheet” provides detailed information on data collection and transmission.
Information Fact Sheet