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New For-Hire Vehicles Rules

Thank you for visiting TLC’s website for the new for-hire vehicle rules. This page is separated into two sections – one section for licensees (drivers, vehicle owners, and base owners) and the other section for passengers. Please look below at the specific section for you.

For Licensees:

  Check how many points you have, see if you have an open summons, and find out if your TLC and DMV licenses are current

  Vehicle and Inspection Guide for Vehicle Owners 

  Vehicle Application Processing Guide for Bases (En Español)

  What Does a TLC-approved camera look like?

  New For-Hire Vehicle Rules booklet 

  Where to purchase the Livery Passenger’s Bill of Rights

  Read the new For-Hire Vehicle rules

For Passengers: 

  How to identify a TLC-licensed livery cab and driver 

  Livery Passenger's Bill of Rights

  New FHV Decal and Base Markings

  Read the new For-Hire Vehicle rules