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E-Hail License Application Information

At its January 2015 meeting, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission adopted Rules licensing smartphone applications that allow passengers to E-Hail yellow taxis and green Street Hail Liveries (SHLs) in New York City. These Rules, effective March 12, 2015, follow a two year E-Hail Pilot Program for yellow taxis that commenced in April of 2013. Throughout the course of the Pilot the TLC closely evaluated E-Hailing’s effects on the NYC market and diligently explored options for how to establish a regulatory framework for E-Hail and E-Payment that  encouraged innovation, provided desired services to taxi passengers, promoted safety and consumer protection, and created income opportunities for drivers. 

The approved Rules can be found here.

This webpage contains information for smartphone app developers that are interested in obtaining a license to provide an E-Hail app for New York City passengers and drivers. There are three steps to the application process:

Step 1 – Applicants must submit all paperwork in person at our Licensing facility in Long Island City. This includes the application and all required documents. The Licensing Facility will accept applications by appointment only at 3100 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday. To make an appointment to file your application click here.
Applicants that fulfill all of the licensure requirements will receive a letter from TLC stating that Step 1 paperwork has been deemed complete.  You will then be contacted on proceeding to the next step of the application process. Apps that offer E-Payment will move on to Step 2 — Integration and Testing. Apps that do not offer E-Payment will progress to Step 3 — TLC Interview and Testing.

Step 2 – Integration and Testing:
Upon completion of Step 1, TPEP and LPEP Providers will be informed that the applicant offering E-Payment has progressed to Step 2. Applicants will then begin integration testing with the TPEP and LPEP Providers in a test environment, followed by limited production environment testing to include their third party testing and certification. Please note that only applicants providing E-Payment must integrate with TPEP and LPEP systems. Applicants not offering E-Payment may proceed directly to Step 3 – TLC Interview and Testing after completing Step 1.

Step 3 – TLC Interview and Testing:
Applicants will submit the results of their third party testing to the TLC and schedule an interview and demonstration for TLC staff. During the demonstration, an applicant will describe the system and its features to TLC staff and answer questions.  TLC staff will then complete internal testing.

Following successful completion of all steps, the Applicant will be approved as a licensed E-Hail Provider.

Application Documents
Interested applicants must complete all application materials. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Materials include:

All applicants must complete the E-Hail Provider application, and provide all supporting documents when completing Step 1 in-person.

Data Formatting & Reporting Requirements – updated 2/23/2016
All applicants must review these requirements and be prepared to provide sample data to the TLC during Step 3.

  • Data must be submitted every Thursday by 3 PM covering the prior Monday-Sunday on an E-Hail licensee-hosted SFTP.
  • Files must follow the data specs as outlined in the Data Formatting & Reporting Requirements, also follow file naming conventions.
    • Files must begin with the E-Hail App ID given to the provider by the TLC.
    • Files must include the dates encompassed in the request and trip sheet requirements in the following format: YYYYMMDD
      • Example of a request file: EH00XX_20160101_20160106
      • Example of a trip file: EH00XX_trips_20160101_20160106

You can find the E-Hail Pilot Program final report here for more information about what the TLC learned during the pilot period.

To view the list of licensed E-Hail Providers, please click here.

Questions can be sent to ehail@tlc.nyc.gov.