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TLC Licensees with DMV suspension or revocations

  NYS DMV Status

The data in the file listed below reflects the status of DMV license records as of the prior business day. The TLC licensees listed below are for those licensees whose DMV records show suspensions or revocations as of the close of the prior business day.  Anyone on this list should NOT drive or be dispatched to drive unless their DMV license status is confirmed as current and valid.  Use of an inactive license or dispatch of an inactive licensee is a serious violation of TLC Rules.

The license status information listed is supplied to the TLC by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The TLC provides this information only for the convenience of its licensees.  The TLC does not represent or warrant that the license status information listed is current or accurate as to any licensee and takes no responsibility for the currency or accuracy of such information.

Check your NYS DMV Status

For your convenience, a list of TLC licensees whose New York State DMV issued driver licenses or vehicle registrations have been reported to have been suspended or revoked has been created using information provided by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Driver Licensee List contains the licensees TLC License Number, Name of Licensee, License Type, and the License expiration date.

The Vehicle Licensee List contains the vehicles Affiliated Base License number, Name of Licensee, License Type, License expiration date, DMV License Plate number, Vehicle Identification Number and the Model Year of the affected vehicle.

Both files are in an excel format, and can be opened and then saved on your computer.

NOTE:  The lists provided below are for New York State DMV issued driver licenses and vehicles only.  If your driver license or vehicle registration is from outside of NYS, you will need to confirm its status directly with the state in which it was issued.  If there are problems with an out of state license or registration it will NOT be shown here.

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Driver Licensee List
Vehicle Licensee List

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