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Upload Process

Bases can submit trip records by directly uploading files to the TLC. Bases may not send trip records by mail, e-mail, or any method other than the following described here:

FTP: All bases are required to submit their trip records using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, effective March 2017. Please Note: Bases that submitted trip records previously using the FireFTP method will no longer be able to do so if their Mozilla Firefox Web Browser has been updated to Firefox Quantum. Bases that have updated their browser to Firefox Quantum will need to utilize alternative FTP clients to submit their trip records, effective November 2017. There are a number of free FTP clients available for download online, including Core FTP, FileZilla and others. When using a FTP client, bases will use the same username and password that they use for scheduling vehicle appointments.

The attached PDF includes detailed instructions for downloading CoreFTP, one of the eligible FTP clients, as well as for uploading trip data using that client.

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