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FHV Trip Record Submission

File Formats

The TLC has defined two formats that bases may use to submit trip records. 

  1. CSV: Bases that use electronic dispatching software may submit a standardized comma-separated value (CSV) file.  CSV files can be created by many database applications.  If your base uses electronic dispatching software, ask your software company if your software can export trip records into a CSV file that follows the specifications defined by the TLC, which can be found in detail below (see Upload Process Options)

  2. Excel: If your base does not use electronic dispatching software or is not able to create a CSV, you may instead enter trip information in standardized Excel spreadsheet(s) created by the TLC. The spreadsheet(s) created by the TLC are designed to allow a dispatcher to record a trip as they are taking the call.  You can use the spreadsheet to record, organize, and look up trips more easily than if you were to report trip records on paper. Detailed descriptions on Excel requirements can be found below.

Please Note: All submitted file names have to be in the correct format: baselicense_yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd

Ex. B00001_20180101-20180107.csv or

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