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CSV Specifications

CSV Instruction Guide Detailed explanation of general file requirements for submitting CSV files to the TLC.

Bases submitting CSV files must follow the exact specifications described in the CSV Instruction Guide above and should use the specifications provided below.

As outlined in the CSV instruction guide, bases must identify the driver and the vehicle that serviced each trip by including the driver and vehicle TLC license numbers in the main trip record file.

Please note that bases are no longer allowed to include the base’s internal IDs for drivers and vehicles.

Files are comma-delimited and use double quotations as escape characters. For more information about the required format for trip records submitted as CSV, please use the references below. Bases submitting CSV file(s) must submit via SFTP (see Upload Process Options, below).

CSV Trip Record File
Trip Record CSV Spec – Main trip record specification (Proposed). Files are comma-delimited and use double quotations as escape characters. 
File naming convention: baselicense_yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd.csv 
Example: Trip Record CSV Example

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