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FHV Trip Record Submission

Affidavit Process

Beginning June 30, 2015, when bases submit their trip records,they must also submit an affidavit electronically to the TLC that verifies that they have either:

  1. Submitted a true and accurate trip record report; or
  2. That the base didn’t dispatch any trips during the reporting period.

How to Electronically Sign and Submit the Required Affidavit 

  1. Click this link: TLC Trip Record Affidavit
  2. Click “Get Started,” and you will be taken to the form you must fill out and sign.
  3. Fill in the information required in the 9 Blue Boxes including:
    1. Date
    2. Base Name
    3. Base Address
    4. Base Number
    5. Reporting Period Start Date – (MM/DD/YYYY)
    6. Reporting Period End Date – (MM//DD/YYYY)
    7. Check if you sent us either an accurate Trip Record report, or your base had no dispatched trips during the reporting period
  4. Signature: when you click “Signature,” the following box will appear:
    1. Click on the top tab that says, “Draw” and use your mouse to sign your name
    2. Click “Add
    3. Click the box that “Full Name” and print your name there

  5. Click “Done” on the upper right corner

FOIL Requests and Public Disclosure
The TLC takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously as the guardian of all the data it collects. TLC will maintain these records, and disclose these records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law, in the same careful and considered manner it currently maintains and discloses the numerous other types of sensitive records it currently collects.

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