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November 6 - General Election
FHV Accessibility Rules

On December 13, 2017, the TLC passed rules to increase the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) in the for-hire vehicle sector. The rules require FHV bases to dispatch a minimum percentage of trips, increasing each year, to WAVs.

From July 1, 2018 until June 31, 2019 every base must provide wheelchair accessible service either by dispatching 5% of their trips to any accessible for-hire vehicle, or entering an agreement with an approved Wheelchair Accessible Dispatcher as part of the FHV Accessibility Pilot.

Bases that follow the rule may:
  • Send trips to any accessible green taxi, any accessible livery car or any accessible black car. The accessible vehicle can be affiliated with a different base and/or a different base class. For example, a livery base can send a trip to an accessible green taxi.
  • Count any trip dispatched to an accessible car toward meeting the trip mandate. The passenger does not have to request an accessible car.
FHV Bases should review Frequently Asked Questions about the rules and the full text of rules.

Any questions about the FHV Accessibility rules can be sent to fhvaccessibility@tlc.nyc.gov

All WAV trips must be sent to vehicles licensed by the TLC as FHVs and that pass the TLC’s WAV inspection, which includes an inspection of the rear or side entry, working condition of the ramp, appropriate securement system, and anti-slip flooring. For examples of WAVs commonly used in the for-hire vehicle market, see the list of WAVs approved for use as taxis.