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Welcome to the homepage for TLC Drivers. Here you will find information on how to apply for a new license either in person or ONLINE. You can also renew a license by mail or make a renewal payment ONLINE. You can also find information below on how to plead guilty to or pay a Summons ONLINE. Please click on the links below for applications, how-to guides, and easy-to-read checklists.

Apply for a License

Filing a New Driver Application Online Instructions and Next Steps

After you have submitted your online application and have made your payment online, there are few steps that you need to follow in order to complete the application process. You will be notified by the TLC via email to come in to our Licensing facility, located at 32-02 Queens Blvd, 2nd floor, between the hours of 8am – 4pm to be fingerprinted.  You will also be required to bring with you the Payment Receipt, signed printout of your online application (Part A), pre-printed online application, Driver License Application – Part B and any additional requirements listed on the checklist and instructions, below. If you come without the full application package, you will need to fill out a paper application!

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application online DOES NOT guarantee approval for a new license as there are additional requirements that must be met.

For additional information on how to apply for a license ONLINE, please click here

Driver License Application –Part B
Driver License Requirements Checklist - Part B

If you wish to submit your new application and payment in person, please download the application & instructions, below

Driver License Application
Driver Requirements Checklist 

Additional New Driver Requirements (for walk-ins and online applicants)

Driver Medical Form (Medallion and For-Hire Vehicle applicants only)
Defensive Driving Course Requirements
Taxicab Operator Sample Exam
Sex Trafficking Awareness Training
Taxi School / Wheelchair Accessibility Training (WAV) 

Upgrade a For-Hire Vehicle Driver License to a Medallion Driver License
Application and Checklist

Reapplying after Revocation
Requesting TLC Waive the 3 Year Application Ban

Renew a Driver License

Make your Renewal Payment or Plead guilty to or pay a Summons ONLINE, please click here

Driver License One (1) year Probationary Renewal Information
If your license expires one year after the date it was issued, then you are a probationary licensee and must follow the Probationary Driver Renewal Checklist.
Probationary Driver Renewal Checklist
Defensive Driving Course Requirements
Medical Form for For-Hire Vehicle Driver Renewal

Driver License Two (2) year Renewal Information
If your license expires two years after the date it was issued, then you must follow the 2 Year Driver Renewal Checklist.
Two (2) Year Driver Renewal Checklist
Defensive Driving Course Requirements
Medical Form for For-Hire Vehicle Driver Renewal

Changing your Renewal Date
Requesting an Early or Late Renewal

Important Information About Drug Test Requirements
Interim (anniversary) Drug Test Requirement
Renewing Drug Test Requirement

To check\confirm the date by which you are required to take your Interim Annual Drug Test please click on one of the following links listed below:
Yellow Taxicab interim Drug test list 
For-Hire Vehicle interim Drug Test list

Check TLC & DMV License Status 
Current Licensees 
Check your NYS DMV Status 

Check Penalty Points & Open Summonses 
Open Summonses for TLC Licensees   
For Hire Bases and Vehicles with Penalty Points 

Frequently Used Forms
Please click here