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OpenData - Current licensees list

OpenData Mine is the new location for some of the TLC’s current licensee lists. Users will now be able to use this more powerful Office-like set of tools, available online, independent of their computer system, to examine, filter, visualize and work with TLC’s licensee data in popular formats such as Excel, PDF and CSV. For application developers, OpenData provides an intuitive and flexible Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to extend OpenData's functionality across various types of applications or hybrid systems that require TLC’s data.

Please note the following before using the OpenData Mine:

  • TLC publishes the current licensee lists to OpenData six days a week from Monday thru Saturday with data availability after 6 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Use the dark blue ‘filter’ button feature located near the top right of the page to search for records rather than the search text box. This will give users the most accurate results. Use of the search text box may not provide the full set of results.
  • For the Medallion Drivers – Trained, Medallion Vehicles – Authorized, and Medallion Vehicles – Inactive lists, OpenData Mine contains historical results in addition to the current day’s list. When filtering your results, either input the date you are interested in or be prepared to see multiple entries for each available date.
  • For the Medallion Drivers – Active list and the Street Hail Livery Drivers – Active list, OpenData Mine has been updated to contain only the current day’s list.
    • To access historical information on Medallion Drivers, a new Medallion Drivers – Active Change Log file is now provided. This new list contains a row for each change made to an individual Driver record, so that users can access historical information that shows how and when a Driver’s record was changed. This historical information is available from October 28th, 2013 onwards. Please note that any change to a Driver record from October 28, 2013 onward will appear on this file.
  • Stand By Vehicles (SBVs) with medallions of the format “SBV###” are now represented in the form of “V###”, for example “SBV123” will be displayed as “V123”, so please filter accordingly.
Instructions on how to use 'For Hire Vehicle Drivers - Active' list.
Instructions on how to use 'For Hire Vehicles - Active and Inactive' list.

Yellow Medallion Taxicab Datasets on OpenData

Medallion Drivers - Active
Medallion Drivers – Status Change Log (10/28/2013 - present)
Medallion Drivers - Historical Archive (3/7/2013 -1/4/2014)
Medallion Drivers - Passenger Assistance Trained
Medallion Vehicles - Authorized
Medallion Vehicles - Inactive

Street Hail Livery (SHL) Datasets on OpenData

Street Hail Livery Drivers - Active
SHL Permits

For Hire Vehicle (Black Car Services, Community Car Services and Luxury Limousine Services) Datasets on OpenData

For Hire Vehicle Drivers - Active
For Hire Vehicles - Active and Inactive