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Accessible Taxi of Tomorrow Waiver

Beginning September 1, 2015, Unrestricted Medallions may only be hacked-up with a Nissan NV200 (also known as the Taxi of Tomorrow), an alternative fuel taxicab vehicle approved for use by the TLC, or an Accessible Nissan NV200.  TLC will permit 496 Unrestricted Medallion Owners to hack-up an accessible vehicle other than the Accessible Nissan NV200. 

Who can request a waiver?
Medallion Owners who meet the following requirements:

  1. The Owner wants to hack-up an accessible taxicab other than the Accessible Nissan NV200;
  2. The Owner owns an Unrestricted Medallion; and
  3. The Owner is in good standing (for example, the Owner does not owe any fines or fees to TLC).

How can the waiver request be made?
Medallion Owners should fill out and submit the waiver request form Forms can be mailed to the Licensing and Standards Division at TLC’s Long Island City facility or faxed to (718) 391-5615.

When should the waiver request be submitted to TLC?
Waivers granted by TLC will expire 120 days after the approval date. Therefore, requests should be made when the Owner is prepared to purchase and hack-up the accessible vehicle.

How many waivers will be granted by TLC?
496 waivers will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.