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November 6 - General Election
FAQ Licensing | SHL Permit

New Local Law Changes Regarding SHL

  • Non-Wheelchair Accessible SHL permits will not be available for sale beginning August 15, 2018. Wheelchair Accessible SHL permits are still available for purchase.
  • Existing non-Wheelchair SHL permits can continue to attach a non-Wheelchair Accessible vehicle to their permit by filing an application at our Long Island City office.
  • For further information regarding these changes, see the law summary and  Industry Notice #18-12.

Who qualifies to purchase a Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permit?

Anyone who wants to apply to purchase an SHL Permit may submit an application as long as they meet the ownership requirements.  There is no longer a requirement that you have an FHV license (Driver\ Vehicle or Base) to own an SHL Permit.  Any entity who wants to own a permit can own or have an ownership interest in only one non-wheelchair accessible permit and up to five wheelchair accessible permits.  The applicant must also owe no money to TLC or the City and have valid documentation as shown in the application checklist.

Where can I obtain Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permit application?

For information on how to file an application and to download an application, please visit the Street Hail Livery webpage.

Do I have to be affiliated to a Base?

Yes, you will have to affiliate your SHL Permit to a TLC licensed Base that has an SHL Endorsement on their license. If you know the base to which you want to affiliate at the time you purchase the permit have the base sign the affirmation form and bring it with you to your appointment. You may also affiliate when you have purchased your permit. To schedule an appointment, please go here.

How much does it cost to purchase the permit?

The cost of the permit is $3,000 plus inspection fees.

The TLC has decided to forgo the August 2017 scheduled price increase for newly purchased SHL permits for the time being and until further notice.
You will have to pay the cost of the six required inspections for the vehicle attached to the permit at the time you purchase the permit.  This is an additional required payment in the amount of $540.00.

Do I have to own the vehicle that will be attached to my permit?

No, you do not need to own the vehicle affiliated to the SHL Permit, but the vehicle must be properly licensed by the TLC and properly-equipped before it can operate under your SHL Permit.  Note that only a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) can be attached to a WAV SHL Permit. The vehicle must also be affiliated to the same Base as the SHL Permit.

I want to submit an application to affiliate a vehicle to my SHL Vehicle Permit.  What do I need to do?

You will need to notify the SHL Endorsed Base that you want to affiliate a vehicle to the permit.

For existing vehicle licenses - Vehicle Owners can choose the date and time of their appointment. To file a Transfer/Affiliation, you must schedule an appointment via the Self Scheduling Site go here to schedule an appointment.

For New Vehicle Licenses you will need to file your application online here and an appointment will be sent to you to complete your application.

If the vehicle is not affiliated to the same base as the SHL Permit you would need to make a base transfer at the time of the affiliation.

Street Hail Livery - SHL (IF APPLICABLE):

VEHICLE OWNER: If the vehicle owner does not want to appear at the TLC in person, they must choose someone to come to the TLC for them by filling out the Street Hail Livery Vehicle Power of Attorney Form.

PERMIT OWNER: If the permit owner does not want to appear at the TLC in person,

What are the areas that are permitted for street hail service by street hail livery vehicles?

Street Hail Livery vehicles can pick up passengers by street hail anywhere outside of Manhattan (except for the airports) and in Manhattan north of West 110th street and north of East 96th street.  Street Hail Livery vehicles may also accept dispatches in Manhattan north of West 110th street and north of East 96th street and anywhere outside Manhattan, including the airports.

Where can I apply for a Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permit?  

To apply for an SHL Permit, schedule an appointment here to come in to file your application at our Licensing Facility, located at:

31-00 47th Avenue,
Long Island City, NY 11101,
3rd floor.

You must come in with your completed application and your Appointment Confirmation.

How long does it take to get a confirmation once the appointment request is submitted?

Appointment requests will be emailed to you once you have selected your preferred date and time. You will receive a confirmation in your email the same day you submit your appointment request.

How many Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permits can a corporation have?

A corporation can buy one (1) Non-Wheelchair Accessible SHL permit or up to five (5) Wheelchair Accessible SHL permits. If the corporation you are with purchases either one (1) Non-Wheelchair Accessible SHL permit or five (5) Wheelchair Accessible SHL permits then you cannot purchase any permits as an individual owner unless you remove yourself from the corporation.

What do I need to do after I have purchased my Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permit?

After you have purchased your SHL permit there a few steps your will need to follow.

  1. Affiliate your SHL Permit within thirty (30) days to a Base that holds a Street Hail Livery Base Endorsement.  
  2. Affiliate a vehicle within ninety (90) days to a Non Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle ninety (90) days or one hundred and eighty (180) days to affiliate a vehicle to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.  The 90 and 180 time periods include the 30 days you have to affiliate the permit to a Base with an SHL Endorsement.
  3. You must then go to Woodside to have your vehicle hacked up at which point you will receive your rate card.
  4. If you are not ready to put your vehicle on the road, you can apply for one extension provided that you submit an application for consideration prior to your in service requirement date (90 or 180 days from permit issuance). There will only be one (1) extension granted per permit to place a vehicle in service. If the extension is granted, based upon the application and documents submitted, it will be for a maximum of thirty (30) days only.

A complete set of steps are available here.

Where can I get the list of Street Hail Livery (SHL) Permit holders?

A complete List of SHL Permit Holders is available.

What do I need to do to get a permit to advertise on the roof of my Street Hail Livery?

To obtain information on how to apply for a permit, please refer to the Street Hail Livery (SHL) Exterior Advertising Application.

Do I need to provide proof of Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is required for Street Hail Livery permits but you do not need to provide proof to TLC.

These FAQs are for informational purposes only, and are not a full statement of your rights, duties, and obligations under TLC Rules and applicable law. In the event that any of the information contained in these FAQs is not current or otherwise incorrect, the TLC’s Rules and applicable laws govern. The TLC’s Rules can be found on our website at  www.nyc.gov/tlc.