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FAQ Licensing | Drivers Renew

What do I need to do to renew my one TLC driver’s license?

Information and documents required to renew your license is available here.

Can I renew my TLC driver’s license online?

Yes. After you make your renewal payment, you must meet all license renewal requirements by the expiration date of your license for your license to be renewed. If you would like make a renewal payment, you can do so on our Renewal Payment site.
If you have additional supporting documents that are needed to renew your license you must mail your renewal form along with any additional supporting documents to the address listed on the envelope sent to you in your renewal package. 

  • A detailed list of all renewing requirements is available here.

How often do I need to renew my Defensive Driving Course?

Information regarding your Defensive Driving Course is available in the Defensive Driving Requirements Handout.

If I am not granted a license, will I get a refund?

No. All Fees are Non-Refundable.

My TLC license was mailed but I have not received it. What do I do?

If you have not received your TLC license in the mail, you must obtain a replacement.
You will need to wait 10 days from the date your license was mailed out.
After 10 days, you will need to visit our LIC facility to submit a completed and signed Affirmation Form and all required documents listed on the Instruction sheet.

If during the 10 day period the license you are currently using expires or is due to expire, you can visit our LIC facility to receive an extension sticker to allow you to continue to work until your newly approved license is received in the mail or until you submit the Affirmation Form after the 10 day period.  An extension sticker is only given if your license has already been approved, updated and mailed out.

How does Workers’ Compensation affect my TLC driver’s license?

To obtain information, please read the Workers’ Compensation Information Sheet.

What do I need to know about the interim (anniversary) Drug Test and Renewing Drug Test?

Interim (anniversary) - you must take the required drug test within ninety (90) days before the anniversary of the date your license was issued.

Renewing Licensing - you must take the required drug test within ninety (90) days before the expiration date on your license.

Additional information is available on the Drug Test FAQ page.

Where can I find information about the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle Transportation Network Company (TNC) program?

For information about the NYSDMV TNC program, please go here

These FAQs are for informational purposes only, and are not a full statement of your rights, duties, and obligations under TLC Rules and applicable law. In the event that any of the information contained in these FAQs is not current or otherwise incorrect, the TLC’s Rules and applicable laws govern. The TLC’s Rules can be found on our website at  www.nyc.gov/tlc.