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Vehicle Unit

From back row from left to right, pictured is Ashley Daniels, Raymond Ifield, Dewan Hasan, Svetlana Mushyakova, Kendra Morris, Kristalina Rivera, Veronica Torres, and David Hewitt.

From first row left to right: Antoinette Jean-Louis, Susan Callistro, April Vaccaro, Vijay Diwankatera, Gilebrt Medina, and Benjamin Cruz. Not pictured: Supervisor Jonea Taylor-Bolling.

If you need to license or renew a TLC-licensed vehicle, you will interact with the TLC’s Vehicle Unit.  The unit formed earlier this year, and is made up of staff members who had worked in new vehicle applications and renewals. 

“We help customers obtain a license, and provide an opportunity for them to provide for their family,” said staff member Dewan Hasan.  “It’s a great experience, and we love making them happy.”

The unit receives between 2,000 and 3,000 new vehicle applications a month, as well as between 2,000 and 3,000 renewal applications a month.  The vehicle licensure process includes checking the proof of vehicle, obtaining a TLC plate from the DMV, paying a commercial motor vehicle tax, and receiving an inspection appointment. 

If a vehicle has less than 500 miles on it, you can get a visual inspection from the TLC.  If there is more than 500 miles, the owner must get a DMV inspection at the TLC’s Safety and Emissions facility in Woodside, Queens. 

In order to keep their fingers on the industry’s pulse, the team stays in close communication with dispatch bases as well as vehicle owners.
Staffers urge licensees and applicants to get in touch with the TLC if they have questions about the process by emailing licensinginquiries@tlc.nyc.gov

“We work very closely with bases, keeping them up to date on rules and regulations,” said Kristalina Rivera.  “We try to stay responsive, and communicate.  We’re only a phone call away.”

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