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Welcome to the TLC Rules Project web site.  This site is designed to give an overview of the project and allow the public to see the work we’re doing and offer comments.  On the following pages, you will find an explanation of the project, a list of frequently asked questions, draft versions of the revised rules, as well as information on how to provide feedback. 

Project Overview
The goal of the Rules Project is to make our agency’s rules and regulations clearer, easier to understand, and simpler to use.  To meet this goal, TLC has been working with TATC, a company that specializes in government rule assessment and consulting, to translate the existing rules into plainer, clearer language.  Our process has been to collect information from within the agency and from industry stakeholders, and then translate and reorganize existing rules.  In the future, we will determine if there is a need for rule or policy changes.

The TLC Rules Project has three phases:

Phase 1 (Research)
TATC met with TLC commissioners, staff, and industry stakeholders to learn about the industry and agency and stakeholder needs.  This phase was completed in early 2008.

Phase 2 (Revision)
TATC is translating existing TLC rules and regulations into plain language.  They are also changing how the rules are organized to make them easier to follow.  No policies are being changed.  We are making rules clearer, easier to understand, and reorganizing them to provide consistency across chapters.  Phase 2 is in progress now, and TLC is asking for industry feedback on the work that has been done.

Phase 3 (Recommendation)
TATC will identify possible areas for rule changes or new rules that will allow for more effective policy.  Phase 3 is scheduled to begin in early 2009. 

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