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TLC Mission Statement

The mission of the Taxi and Limousine Commission is to ensure that New Yorkers and visitors to the City have access to taxicabs, car services, and commuter van services that are safe, efficient, sufficiently plentiful, and provide a good passenger experience. We understand that private transportation services are an essential component of the City’s transit network, alongside publicly operated mass transit. We believe both in the power of market forces to ensure that supply meets demand, and in the need for intelligent regulation to set the rules of competition, ensure safety, provide transparency to market participants, and reduce unwanted externalities such as pollution. Our fundamental principles include:

 1. Our people are the key to our success. In recruiting new colleagues, we look for highly capable people who we would enjoy working with and who we believe will share our commitment to the TLC and its mission.

2. Our customers include participants in the industries we regulate, passengers transported by those industries, and businesses throughout the City whose success depends on the smooth functioning of a robust transit system. We are committed to providing excellent service to the industry participants whom we regulate directly, meaning courteous treatment, prompt responses to inquiries and requests, and evenhanded enforcement of our rules. We are committed also to making policy decisions based solely on what is best for the public we serve.

3. We operate with the highest level of integrity and honesty. We will be forthright with those we regulate, with the public, and with our partners in government and in the private sector, and we will expect the same in return. We are mindful that our success ultimately depends upon maintaining the confidence of each of these constituents.

4. We pursue long-term goals. We will always value genuine and permanent gains in our ability to accomplish our mission over immediate cost-savings or public-relations benefits.

5. We strive continually to improve our operations and our policies. We innovate, knowing that some innovations will fail. We encourage an environment that fosters open debate, values contrary opinions and tolerates honest mistakes. We understand and value the importance of technology and are constantly looking for ways to utilize technology to make our operations more efficient and productive.

6. Our mission places large demands on each of us. Those demands can become frustrating, and from time to time we will face criticism from our customers and from the public at large. Nonetheless, we work with passion, commitment and enthusiasm, and we should try to make sure that our jobs are fun and the office is friendly.

7. We must continually remind ourselves of our limitations and dedicate ourselves to the avoidance of hubris. We will use all information available to us and will conscientiously seek to apply our values to the facts as we know them, but we are always cognizant of the possibility of error. We are ready to recognize, correct and learn from our mistakes.