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Commissioner’s Corner

March 2017

New leader in Uniformed Services Bureau

  • I would like to begin this column by warmly welcoming Dianna Pennetti as our new Chief Enforcement and Inspections Officer. Chief Pennetti will oversee the agency’s field enforcement, as well as safety and emissions. She retired from the NYPD as a lieutenant, and was the head of campus security at both Long Island University and Barnard College. Chief Pennetti brings tremendous experience to the job, both in the public and private sector, and we are already benefitting from the wisdom she has brought to this important role.

Update to Driver Fatigue Rules Approved

  • In February, the Commission unanimously approved an update of our fatigued driving prevention rules. These rules are more precise, and will make our city’s streets safer for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Driving while fatigued can be as risky as driving following heavy drinking, and it is important that drivers stay within safe limits so they can go home every day to their families.

    You may have questions about how the hours are counted, and when the rules will be enforced. The only driving that will count toward the daily and weekly limits is when there is a passenger in the car. This means that time spent waiting at the airport, driving to pick up a passenger, taking a break or cruising will not count. Passenger time will be limited to ten hours in each 24-hour period, and 60 hours in each week.

    Drivers have the option to reset their daily clock following eight consecutive hours without passengers. This part of the rule allows drivers to change their daily start times or have a shorter but busier work week while still getting enough rest. In addition, you will not be penalized if your final trip of the day or week is longer than expected, as long as you were under the hour limit when the trip began.

    Bases will be responsible for not dispatching trips to a driver beyond the limits, but they are only responsible for their own dispatches, and not any time spent by drivers working for other bases.

    The TLC will conduct outreach and education to make sure that drivers and bases understand the risks of fatigued driving, as well as the new hour limits. If you have questions, please contact TLC External Affairs at tlcexternalaffairs@tlc.nyc.gov. The earliest that summonses may be issued to drivers or bases is August 15, 2017. If your base needs technical help in complying with reporting requirements, the TLC can offer you support.

New York City Welcomes Immigrants

  • This has been an anxious time for many immigrant communities in New York City. Despite recent policies that have come out of Washington, D.C., the City of New York welcomes immigrants. We embrace the diversity that makes us who we are.

    The taxi and for-hire industry in New York City represents almost 170 countries, and driving for-hire to create a better life for your family is a classic part of the American Dream. The City of New York and many other cities across the country have committed to using the tools at our disposal to prevent harm to our residents that arises out of new federal policies.

    The City will also continue to provide a rich array of services, regardless of immigration status, and encourages access to resources like legal help, protection from discrimination, emergency food and shelter, healthcare, and childcare. If you or your family, friends and neighbors need to connect with these resources, call 311 or go online to access them.

    You can say “ActionNYC” when you call 311 to access free, safe immigration help from trusted community organizations and attorneys. Be cautious of unlicensed immigration service providers, who may want to take advantage of people’s fears. Use only trusted, licensed attorneys.

    If you or someone you know could use support during this difficult period, the City also offers free, confidential mental healthcare through phone, text, and online chat. It is available at all times and in more than 200 languages. You can call 1-888-NYC-WELL, text WELL to 65173, or visit www.nyc.gov/nycwell.

    At the TLC, we have a unique view of the richness of our City’s diversity and the value that immigrants bring to all our communities. Thank you all for your continued service to our City.

Top Reasons For Vehicle Inspection Failures

  • I would like to take a moment to share some of the most common problems that we see in the vehicle inspection process. These items can be easily avoided or repaired before an inspection. A failure of these items below can hurt your vehicle’s ability to safely navigate the roads.
    1. Worn tires
    2. Headlight, brake, and license plate lights not working
    3. Oil Leaks
    4. Emergency brake
    5. Seatbelts not visible or working

Until next time……drive like your family lives here!

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