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Average Medallion Prices and Transfers

Medallion Price Disclaimer

The information contained herein is based on data collected by the TLC and should not be relied upon as an indication of future performance of medallion prices or the suitability of ownership of taxicab medallions for investment or business purposes. This data excludes information regarding transactions which the TLC believes were not conducted on an arms-length basis and this data does not include any consideration or analysis of the overall terms of any particular transaction and how such terms may have affected prices in any given instance. Accordingly, the data may be misleading and may not accurately convey trends in medallion prices, among other things. The TLC makes no representations or warranties regarding this data, the performance of medallion prices, or the suitability of medallion ownership for investment or business purposes.

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Average Medallion Price Time Line from January 1998 thru January 2006 (PDF)

Medallion Transfers – September 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – August 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – July 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – June 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – May 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – April 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – March 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – February 2014 (PDF)
Medallion Transfers – January 2014 (PDF)

Average Medallion Prices 2014 (PDF) NEW!

Archived Medallion Prices & Transfers