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November 22, 2004

Dear Friend:

Impressive and imaginative works of art have enhanced New York City’s public spaces throughout history and have greatly contributed to the City’s status as the cultural capital of the world. Since I took office, I have been committed to improving and enhancing the unique New York City experience, and I believe that the display of thought-provoking and inspiring public art adds to this experience. As a result, during my administration, an array of works by talented artists has been showcased in all five boroughs, including in the park right outside my office at City Hall.

It is in this grand tradition of public art in New York City that the internationally acclaimed artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude will present The Gates, Project for Central Park, New York, 1979-2005. From February 12 through February 27, 2005, when Central Park’s trees are bare of leaves and snow often covers the expansive lawns, 23 miles of pedestrian paths throughout the park will be adorned with 7,500 gates bearing saffron-colored cloth. The Gates will transform Central Park and challenge viewers to revisit their preconceptions of public art and urban parks.

For the artists, this temporary exhibition will represent the realization of a vision first imagined for Central Park over a quarter of a century ago. The patient efforts of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who would never let go of their dream, have finally been realized, and The Gates is perhaps the most exciting work of their legendary career.

The park has been carefully restored by the Central Park Conservancy and the City. It is more than parkland-it is a defining feature of New York City. The presence of such a peaceful oasis in this vibrant metropolis helps to make New York the greatest city in the world. Now, for 16 days in February, Central Park will be visually transformed. I invite New Yorkers and visitors from around the world to come to Central Park to experience The Gates and appreciate its splendor and beauty.

Michael R. Bloomberg
Michael R. Bloomberg

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