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About The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005

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  • The Gates will be unfurled in Central Park, New York City on February 12, 2005, weather permitting, and will remain through February 27, 2005.

  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude developed the concept for The Gates in 1979.
    On January 22, 2003, the City granted permission to the artists to realize their vision.

  • 7,500 gates, 16 feet high (4.87 m) with a width varying from 5 feet 6 inches to 18 feet (1.68 m to 5.48 m) will line 23 miles (36.8 km) of footpaths in the park.

  • Free-hanging, saffron-colored fabric panels will be suspended from the top of each gate and hang down to 7 feet (2.13 m) above the ground.

  • The Gates will be stationed approximately 12 feet (3.65 m) apart, except when low branches extend above the walkways.

  • The Gates will create a visual golden river appearing and disappearing through the bare branches of the trees, highlighting the shapes of the footpaths.

  • The luminous moving fabric will underline the organic and serpentine design of the walkways, while the rectangular poles will be a reminder of the grid pattern of the City blocks around the park.

  • The project will provide employment for hundreds of New York City residents, hired to assemble, install, maintain and remove the installation.

  • After The Gates is removed, most of the materials will be recycled.

  • As always, Central Park will be open to the public, free of charge, during The Gates.

  • The Gates is financed entirely by the artists, who do not accept sponsorships. The public will bear no expense of any kind.


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