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Other Forms and Instructions

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TC10 - Receipt
TC70 - Notice of Offer and Acceptance Agreement
TC135 - Notice of Appearance
TC140 - Notice of Litigation Status
TC150 - Supplemental Application. File when permitted until March 24
TC155 - Request to Amend Application for Correction
TC159 - Affivdavit in Support of Application for Correction
TC166 - List of Related Parcels
TC230 - Sale Statement. Attach to application or TC159
TC244 - Agent's Statement of Authority and Knowledge
TC301 - Commercial Lease Schedule for Rent Producing Property
TC309 - Accountant's Certification. Attach to TC201
TC584 - Freedom of Information Law (FOIL request)
TC707 - Judicial Review of Assessments
TC708 - Small Claims Assessment Review
TCAT - Application Data Files - Notice of filing by electronic means - Submit data on or before March 5 or March 16, 2018
TCPT - Petition Automated Data Transfer Program - Submit Date: October 17, 2018 through November 1, 2018
TCTEMP - Analysis Form for Representatives

Helpful Links
The City's official Web site.

NYC Department
of Finance

For information about real property tax assessments, Parking violations, and the STAR Program.

NYC Department
of Finance Property Sales File

For a list of sales that may be used in valuing tax class 1 property.

NYC Tax Appeals Tribunal
For information on tax appeals of City taxes other than real property taxes.

New York State Department of Taxation & Finance
For information on New York State and City personal income tax and sales tax.

New York State Appeals Tribunal
For information on the New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal

Internal Revenue Service
For information on federal tax matters.

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