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Have an antique you want to sell? Looking to consign a relic or collectible? Got extra stuff that's still in good shape? Try selling it through NYC Stuff Exchange. Select the type(s) of items you want to sell and we'll give you a list of places that might want your stuff.

Search for Vendors
You can search for vendors in three different ways. Choose the way you want.

Zip CodeZip Code
Search for vendors in or near a specific zip code.

Borough / CitywideCitywide
Search for vendors in a specific borough or Citywide.

Vendor NameVendor Name
Search for vendors by name.

Please note: The mention of organizations on NYC Stuff Exchange does not constitute an endorsement by the New York City Department of Sanitation or the City of New York. If you find outdated information, or want to suggest additional listings, please go to Get Listed.

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Call before you go. Before bringing your stuff to a vendor that buys goods, contact them about what they take and hours of operation. Get more info.
If you're a business or non-profit, sell your stuff on NY WasteMatch
Post notices about stuff you want to sell in your building, local stores, or other community bulletin boards (Note: Posting flyers on street lamps is illegal).
Get rid of your extra stuff through stoop sales or garage sales.
Not sure whether it's better to sell or donate your stuff? Read about the pros and cons of both.
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