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Vendors Vendor Submission Form

Vendor Submission Form
Want your company or nonprofit organization to be listed on NYC Stuff Exchange? Fill out this form and submit it. Go to Get Listed for info on the kinds of organizations that can be listed.

If your listing doesn't fit our form, please let us know in the comments box at the bottom of this form.

* Required

This is a: New vendor listing
Update to a current vendor listing
Request for removal of listing
Vendor Name:*
Organization Description: (limit: 200 characters)
Provide basic info about this organization and any specifics about items bought, sold, or accepted for donation.
State:*   Zip Code:*
Public Contact Information: 
Since this info does appear on NYC Stuff Exchange, a generic e-mail address such as should be used.
Public Phone:*
Public E-mail:* 
(check all that apply)
Accepts Donations of Used Goods
Buys Used Goods
Sells Used Goods
Organizational Status:*
Organization's accepting materials for donations must be not for profit or government organizations, verification may be requested. For profit organizations can be listed as organizations that buy or sell used goods, but cannot be listed as accepting donations.
Not for Profit Organization
For Profit Organization
Government Program
Items Accepted, Bought or Sold:*
(check all that apply)
Appliances - Large
(washing machines, stoves, etc.)

(TVs, radios, stereos, DVD players, etc.)

Automobiles/Motorcycles/Boats Furniture - Home
Books Furniture - Office
CDs/DVDs/Videos Home Improvement Materials
(bricks, tiles, paint, tools, etc.)
Cell Phones Housewares/Kitchen Items
Clothing/Accessories Musical Instruments
(antiques, jewelry, art)
Computers &
Computer Equipment
Sporting Goods
If the items that this organization accepts or buys are not the same as the items that it sells, please explain.
Pick-up/Drop-off Information:*
Does this organization sometimes pick up items?
Indicate if and how items can be picked up and/or dropped off. For example, if this organization can arrange for pickup of certain goods or only buys items for store credit, please indicate this.
Hours of Operation:*
Select the days and hours you are open:
    from to   from to
Monday       Friday    
    from to   from to
Tuesday       Saturday    
    from to   from to
Wednesday       Sunday    
    from to      
Personal Contact Information
Contact name and information are required for administrative purposes only, and are not displayed to the public.
Contact Name:*
Contact Phone:* Ext:
Contact Email Address:*
Does this organization own or
manage other locations?*
(limit: 200 characters)

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