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Want to be listed as a vendor on NYC Stuff Exchange?

We accept listings from the following types of organizations:

  • Nonprofit organizations located in New York City that accept donations of used goods. (Organizations must be prepared to accept significant quantities of the specified goods on an ongoing basis and must be able to provide proof of tax-exempt status.)

    Go to FAQs to learn of options for organizations seeking periodic or one-time donations.

  • Businesses (or nonprofits) located in New York City that buy or sell used goods.

To get listed, your organization will need to fill out a Vendor Submission Form, check the box for "New vendor listing" and complete the following kinds of information: organization name, contact info, types of items handled, and hours of operation.

To change your existing listing, use the Vendor Submission Form and check the box for "Update to current vendor listing". Then complete the form with the correct information.

See more info about our vendor listings.

To network and learn more from similar organizations in New York City visit the Materials Exchange Development Program.

If you are not a business or nonprofit organization and want to sell or exchange your goods, try an online materials exchange.

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