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Want to get high-quality goods without paying high prices? With NYC Stuff Exchange, you'll find shops that sell all sorts of artifacts and second-hand goods, like antiques, vintage items, and gently used household goods and clothing (including high-end and designer products). If you purchase stuff from shops run by charitable organizations, you'll be contributing to a good cause, too!

Search for Vendors
You can search for vendors in three different ways. Choose the way you want.

Zip CodeZip Code
Search for vendors in or near a specific zip code.

Borough / CitywideCitywide
Search for vendors in a specific borough or Citywide.

Vendor NameVendor Name
Search for vendors by name.

Please note: The mention of organizations on NYC Stuff Exchange does not constitute an endorsement by the New York City Department of Sanitation or the City of New York. If you find outdated information, or want to suggest additional listings, please go to Get Listed.

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Be sure to inspect all goods carefully.
Make sure all the parts are there. Check if there are any instruction manuals or warranties available.
Explore local flea markets and stoop sales for bargains.
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