What To Bring When You Visit

In order to receive access to certain Workforce1 Career Center services, you may need to bring documentation to verify your eligibility under the Workforce Investment Act. Please review the following to make sure you have everything you need to register for services when you visit the center.


We need a valid ID to verify your date of birth. Workforce1 Career Centers serve customers who are 18 or older. Accepted forms of ID are New York State or out of state Driver’s License, Baptismal Record, Birth Certificate, DD-214-Report of Transfer or Discharge Paper, Federal, State, or Local Government ID Card (including IDNYC), Hospital Record of Birth, Passport, Public Assistance/Social Service Record, School Records/Identification Card, Work Permit, or Tribal Record.

Are you a male older than 18 and born after January 1, 1960?

Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required by law to register with Selective Service.

We need to verify that you’re registered before we can schedule you for some of our services. You can check your registration at www.SSS.gov, or bring a Selective Service Acknowledgement Letter, Registration Card, Verification Form (Form 3A), Stamped Post Office Receipt of Registration, Registration Confirmation email, or proof of military exemption. Not sure if you’ve registered? We can help you check and begin the registration process while you’re at the center.

Have you served in the military?

If so, please bring a current Military ID Card, DD-214-Report of Transfer, or Discharge Paper. We provide priority of services to Veterans and spouses of Veterans.

Are you currently employed?

If so, please bring a recent pay stub so that we may verify your current employer and employment period.

Do you receive TANF assistance or another type of public assistance?

If so, please bring a TANF Public Assistance Record, Authorization to Receive Cash Public Assistance, Public Assistance Check, Medical Card Showing Cash Grant Status, Public Assistance Records/Printout, or Refugee Assistance Records. Please note: you are not required to disclose information on assistance you receive. This information is voluntary and will help us connect you to additional services you may be eligible to receive.