Introduction to Services

Workforce1 is a service that prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City.  We make strong matches, both for candidates and employers, by using a unique combination of recruitment expertise, industry knowledge, and skill-building workshops to strengthen candidates' employment prospects.  Our approach gets results.  In 2011, we helped 36,000 New Yorkers find employment throughout the City, proving our commitment to your success.
Our services are delivered through a network of Workforce1 Career Centers located throughout the City's five boroughs and are available to New Yorkers age 18 and older.  We offer onsite job screenings and Recruitment Events.  Each center also has a resource room equipped with telephones, fax machine, and a copier to support you in your independent job search.

If you need resume, interview, or general career advice to prepare you for your job search, then our onsite Land the Job workshops and Career Advisement services may be a great fit!

What We Expect of You

  1. Be sure to keep an updated resume with you at all times as well as an electronic version of your resume saved online for easy access.
  2. We encourage you to arrive on time for all appointments, stay positive, and dress professionally.
  3. Please let us know when you get a job and keep your contact information up-to-date, so we can reach you for career advancement opportunities.

Additional Assistance

  • For Individuals with Limited English:  All Workforce1 Career Centers provide access to interpretation services for individuals who do not speak English as a first language.
  • For Veterans: All Workforce1 Career Centers offer Veterans and their families access to priority services.  Local Veterans' Employment Representatives and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists are also available to provide veterans with customized employment and training services.
  • For Individuals with Disabilities:  Workforce1 can accommodate individuals with disabilities and have partnerships with organizations that specialize in serving individuals with a disability, such as ACCESS - VR Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation.  We also offer reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities, as required by New York City law.

General Information

  • Public Health Insurance:  Workforce1 provides an opportunity to enroll in one of New York City's free or low cost Public Health Insurance plans.  If you are uninsured and would like to learn about these plans, or enroll in one, there are health insurance representatives in our Workforce1 Career Centers who will be happy to assist you.
  • Unemployment Insurance:  If you're currently receiving Unemployment Insurance and are enrolled - or are planning to enroll - in training, our staff can help you complete the 599 Program application.  The 599 Program allows Unemployment Insurance recipients to continue receiving benefits through the duration of their training course.
  • Voter Registration:  If you would like to register to vote in the City of New York, please visit and follow instructions provided.
  • Notice of Rights:  Individuals are protected from being excluded from participating in WIA activities as well as being denied employment because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or political affiliation or belief.  Please visit to view the Notice of Rights.