Helping You Succeed at Work

If you're looking to re-enter the workforce, take advantage of second-chance opportunities, or simply start with the basics, Employment Works has the services to help you get back on track.

In August 2008, the Department of Small Business Services launched Employment Works, a program developed to help match probationers to full-time, quality jobs with long-term potential. By connecting employers to a largely untapped workforce, Employment Works aims to increase economic opportunities for individuals with criminal records and reduce recidivism.

Employment Works Jobseeker Services:
  • Job coaching
  • Access to professional attire and benefits
  • Direct referrals to job interviews
  • Post-placement follow-up to promote retention and growth

For More Information:
  • Probationers – If you are interested in joining the program, request a referral from your Probation Officer. If you report to Kiosk, ask the Kiosk attendant to connect you to an Employment Specialist.

  • General Inquiries – Contact Workforce1.