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Workforce1’s services prepare and connect candidates to mid- and entry-level jobs with New York City employers. To be eligible for our services, please register with us.  Our services are accessible at our Workforce1 Career Centers, located in all five boroughs.  Get help finding a job at  a Workforce1 Career Center near you.



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Find a Job with Workforce1 Meet with our staff to be screened for job opportunities currently available through our network. 

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Independent Job Search Visit our Resource Room to get access to tools that will boost your job search:  online job listings, telephones, a fax machine, a copier, and a staff member who can provide guidance if you need it.



Become a Better Candidate


Land the Job Workshops Attend skill-building workshops that will help you put your best foot forward with employers and make you more likely to get the job offer you want. Learn more about our workshops.
Resource Library

Visit our resource library for job search advice, networking tips, and an interview quiz.

Get Additional Assistance


Connect With Workforce1 Partners Are there services you need that we don’t offer?  We can help connect you to services in your community that will build your skills and make you more likely to get the job you want.  Workforce1 partners with over 100 community-based organizations throughout New York City’s five boroughs that offer a wide variety of job preparation services. Visit our resource library to take a look at some  services that our partners have to offer.
Career Advisement

Work with our skilled staff to develop a career strategy that is based on your skills, abilities, and interests.

Get Help Earning Your GED Become a more competitive applicant by getting your GED with Bridge to Tomorrow.  Bridge to Tomorrow will help you determine what kind of GED preparation you need and connect you to the GED course that’s right for you.  Visit one of our Workforce1 Career Centers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan to get started.