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Part 1 of the Customized Training Application


* indicates a mandatory field. If not applicable, please write "N/A"
Thank you for your interest in NYC Business Solutions Customized Training, a service provided by the New York City Department of Small Business Services. Since 2007, Customized Training awards have helped more than 100 small businesses across the five boroughs grow and expand.
To begin the application process, please take just a few minutes to answer the questions below. As soon as you complete the form below, you will receive immediate notification on next steps in the Customized Training application process.

Please carefully review the form below before submitting your information.
Thank you again for your interest in Customized Training. Let’s get started...
Business/Organization Name:*  Business/Organization Name required. 
First Name:* 
 First Name required. 
Last Name:* 
 Last Name required. 
 Title required. 
Work Address:*
 Work Address required. 
 Company City required. 
 Company State required. 
Zip Code:*
Company Zip Code required.
Valid Email required.
Preferred Phone Number:*
 Phone Number required. 
Please provide basic business information.
1. What were your revenues in the last calendar year?* $  Last Year's Revenues required. 
2. How many employees does your business currently have?*     # of Employees required 
3. In most circumstances non-profits and publicly-funded organizations are ineligible to receive funds for Customized Training.
Is your business (or the businesses you represent) For-Profit?* Yes No For Profit Status required. 
4. Proposed training must be completed within one year. Please provide a brief description of the training you would like to implement in that timeframe. (e.g. "lean manufacturing training" or "English as a Second Language")* Valid Description required.
5. Customized Training must be used for training that is new, expanded, or enhanced. Is this training something the business is legally required to do (e.g. OSHA, sexual harassment, etc.)* Yes No Training Type required. 
6. Customized Training will award $10,000 to $400,000 to pay for 60-70% of training costs. Are you willing to contribute the remaining 30-40% of the eligible training costs?* Yes No Contribution acknowledgement required. 
7. Applicants must propose to train a minimum of 10 employees. Trainees enrolled in different types of training may be included in the same proposal. If an organization wishes to train a smaller number of employees, it may apply as part of a consortium. Do you plan to train at least 10 individuals?* Yes No Planning to train at least 10 Individuals required. 
8. Do all of the employees you plan to train meet the following eligibility criteria:
a. Earn less than $71,919/year (prior to start of training). Calculated salary must include tips, commissions, and bonuses.* Yes No Earn Less Than $71,919 required. 
b. Be employed at a worksite located in New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island) by the end of training.* Yes No Worksite Location required. 
c. Receive a W-2 by the end of training.* Yes No Receive a W-2 Post Training required. 
d. Work a minimum of 30 hours/week by the end of training.* Yes No Work min. 30 Hours Post Training required. 
9. NYC Business Solutions requires that at least half of all currently employed trainees receive an increase in income as a direct result of training. The increase must extend above and beyond pre-negotiated increases such as standard annual increases, cost of living adjustments, or collective bargaining agreements. Can you commit to providing such an increase to at least half of the currently employed trainees?* Yes No Salary Increase Post Training required. 
10. Please indicate which one of the following best describes how you heard about Customized Training:*
 Referral required 
a. Please specify your selection above (i.e. which advertisement?)* 
 Referral (specific) required 
For more information, please Contact an Account Manager.