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Project Management Guide

- Preparing for Training

Preparing for TrainingImplementing TrainingCompleting Training



  1. Kick-off Meeting
  2. Project Plan
  3. Working Session
  4. Contract
  5. Insurance
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Registration

1.  Kick-off Meeting

All awardees are required to attend a kick-off meeting at the Department of Small Business Services within two weeks of the award date.  This meeting will review action items for successfully launching, running, and concluding a Training Funds project.  If you plan to start training before the kick-off meeting, inform your Account Manager immediately. The awardee’s project manager should plan to attend, and other stakeholders (including key decision makers or administrative staff) are also welcome to participate.  Please RSVP to your Account Manager, with the names and titles of all attendees.

Action Items

To prepare for the kick-off meeting:

  • Review the details of your Training Funds application, including the number of trainees, courses, and training schedule.
  • RSVP to your Account Manager


2.  Project Plan

After the kick-off meeting, your Account Manager will send you a Project Plan with information pre-filled from your application.  You must complete the Project Plan prior to beginning training.  Please verify that the pre-filled information is correct, complete the following worksheets (tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet), and email them to your Account Manager:

  • Course Information sheet: Confirm that the course titles and hours are accurate.  Complete the rest of this sheet, including the location and start/end date of each course. 
  • Job Titles sheet: Confirm the trainee job titles that have been pre-filled from your application.  Provide a brief and general description of the duties carried out by employees with this title.
  • Trainee Roster sheet: Identify the individuals who will be trained; add trainees’ names to the roster sheet, and complete the rows with their basic information.  For each trainee, select a job title from the drop-down menus to indicate their titles and which courses each will take.

Please note that a completed project plan is required in order to pay out your Training Funds award.

Project Plan Template (in PDF)

Action Items
  • Receive partially pre-filled project plan from your Account Manager.
  • Review Course Information and Job Titles for accuracy; Complete remainder of the forms, including Trainee Roster.
  • Email final project plan to your Account Manager.


3.  Working Session

Once you have submitted your Project Plan, your Account Manager will schedule a follow-up working session.  This meeting will be used to:

  • Answer questions about the Training Funds program and processes
  • Review the project plan
  • Review payroll records for all trainees listed in the project plan
  • Finalize the training schedule
  • Schedule quarterly interviews and site visits

You are encouraged to contact your Account Manager with any questions, concerns or feedback in advance of this meeting or at any time throughout the course of your project.

Action Items

To prepare for the working session:

  • Generate payroll records for all trainees listed in the roster.
  • Prepare questions and concerns you would like to raise with your Account Manager.

4.  Contract

The Training Funds contract outlines Training Funds policies, procedures, and requirements.  Your award cannot be considered final and no amount can be paid out until the contract has been executed. Different contracts are used for customized, on-the-job, or blended (combination of customized and on-the-job) trainings. Your account manager will provide you with the appropriate template so you or your legal counsel can start to review the program policies.  After confirming the details of your project plan, your Account Manager will then send you a tailored contract that includes the specifics of the training project you have proposed.  Please review it thoroughly before signing.  When you are ready to sign, print out three copies and sign/notarize the three signature sections (after Article 7, Exhibit E, and Exhibit F) of each copy.  Each copy must bear original signatures/notarizations.

You will need to select the Date of Execution for your contract and inform your Account Manager.  You will have one year to complete the project and incur all training-related costs (including curriculum development, the purchase of books/materials, etc.).  The contract start date can be back-dated to any date after the award announcement date.  Email your Account Manager with your preferred date so it can be added to pages 1 and 2 of your contract.

Customized Contract Template (in PDF)

Blended Contract Template (in PDF)

Consortium Contract Template (in PDF)

Action Items

  • Review contract template with your legal counsel or senior leadership at the organization.
  • Select a Date of Execution.
  • Receive project-specific contract from your Account Manager.
  • Mail 3 original signed and notarized contracts to your Account Manager.


5.  Insurance

Organizations contracting with the City of New York must meet the below insurance requirements.  Please call your insurance company to request the following changes and send your Account Manager your revised Certificate of Insurance (aka ACORD Certificate).  This process is normally simple and inexpensive; if you find that it is not, contact your Account Manager. 

  • List the Workforce Development Corporation as the certificate holder.
  • Verify that your organization’s insurance policy meets these minimums, as indicated on your Certificate of Insurance:
    • Commercial General Liability:  $1 million per occurrence, $2 million annual aggregate
    • Employer's Liability Limit:  $1 million per accident/illness
    • Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance: statutory limits
  • The entities listed below must be named as additional insured on policies (not Workers’ Comp):
    • Workforce Development Corporation
    • New York City Economic Development Corporation
    • New York City Department of Small Business Services

Certificate of Insurance Example (in PDF)

Action Items

  • Call your insurance broker and request the above changes.
  • Forward the updated Certificate of Insurance, including proof of Workers’ Compensation coverage, to your Account Manager for review.

6.  Due Diligence

If your award amount is $100,000 or greater, or if the award plus your business’ contracts with the City in the last 12 months equals or exceeds $100,000, you may be asked to submit a Vendor Questionnaire for evaluation by the City’s Vendor Information Exchange System (VENDEX).  This is carried out by the Mayor’s Office of Contracting Services and can take up to 12 weeks to complete once paperwork is submitted. 

If your Account Manager informs you that this requirement applies to you, please complete the below forms and submit them directly to the Mayor’s Office of Contracting Services as soon as possible.  If you have already undergone the VENDEX process, your Account Manager may inform you that you need to update your status by submitting a Certificate of No Change.  DO NOT COMPLETE THESE FORMS UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER. 

Vendor's Guide to Vendex (in PDF)

Vendor Questionnaire (in PDF)

Principal Questionnaire (in PDF)

Certificate of No Change (in PDF)

Link to the Mayor’s Office of Contracting Services

Action Item

  • No action is required unless instructed by an Account Manager.


7.  Registration

All trainees who are part of your Training Funds project must register with the New York State Department of Labor in order to participate in the training.  All trainees must be identified and registered at the start of training and listed on your Project Plan. 

Registration consists of the following:

  • Distribute the following documents to all trainees:
    • Trainee Registration Overview, which provides a brief description of the Training Funds registration process
    • Notice of Rights brochure, which informs trainees of the steps they can take if they feel they have been discriminated against in the course of the training project.
    • Voter Registration Form, which is optional for the trainees to fill out but must be distributed to all trainees being registered.
  • Have trainees complete the Customer Information Form (CIF) with their basic information.  Review forms for completeness.  If the forms are not completed in full they will be returned, which could cause delays in reimbursement. 
  • Collect and photocopy age verification documentation for all trainees.  All trainees must prove they are at least 18 years of age with a photocopy of one of the following:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driver's License
    • Passport
    • School Records / Identification Card
    • Federal, State or Local Government ID Card
    • Work Permit
    • DD-214: U.S. Military Report of Transfer or Discharge
    • Public Assistance / Social Services Record
  • Submit CIFs and age verification documentation for each trainee to your Account Manager.

Only trainees who are part of your approved training proposal need to be registered.  If other trainees are sitting in on the training, they do not need to be registered.

Please note that male trainees between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to be registered for Selective Service.  Once you submit the registration forms, Training Funds staff will verify that trainees meet this requirement.  No action is required of you unless we find that any of your trainees are subject to this requirement and have not registered for Selective Service. 

Trainee Registration Overview-English, (Chinese), (Spanish)  (in PDF)

Customer Information Form- English, (Chinese), (Spanish)  (in PDF)

Notice of Rights Brochure- English, (Spanish)  (in PDF)

Voter Registration Form- English, (Chinese), (Spanish)  (in PDF)

Action Items

  • Work with all trainees listed in the project plan to complete their Customer Information Forms.
  • Collect and photocopy ID's for all trainees.
  • Submit forms and ID's to your Account Manager.