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Project Management Guide

- Implementing Training

Preparing for Training Implementing Training Completing Training
  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Activity Reporting
  3. Reimbursement 
  4. Changes of Scope 
  5. Press and Publicity

1.  Financial Reporting

Training Funds awards are paid out on a reimbursement basis.  In order to receive reimbursement, you must submit reports on training costs and activities.  This information is collected through quarterly reports, starting at the execution date of your contract (see Preparing for Training, step #3).

On a quarterly basis, you will need to submit the following:

  • A memo listing all training expenditures over the past quarter
  • An invoice or bill for each of the expenditures listed in your memo with the exception of trainee wages. Wages will be auto-calculated by the activity reporting tool
  • Payroll records for all trainees and internal instructors, covering the date(s) of training
  • Proof of payment for all expenditures
    • For trainee or internal instructor wages, this will take the form of payroll records or a general ledger report. 
    • For other training costs, submit a copy of the cancelled check or general ledger report.  For costs paid with a credit card, submit a copy of the itemized statement that lists this expenditure, as well as the cancelled check or subsequent statement indicating that the bill has been paid in full. 

All claims will be verified, and may be held or rejected if they include costs that were not in your approved budget, or if they lack supporting documentation. 

Action Item

Every quarter, you will need to submit the following to your Account Manager:

  • Invoices and proof of payment for all training expenses
  • Payroll for all trainees and internal instructors 
  • Memo listing all training expenses and attached documents


2.  Activity Reporting

You are also required to track training activity in the following ways:

  • Submit Quarterly Progress Reports and participate in quarterly progress interviews with your Account Manager.  At the end of each quarter, complete the 'Trainee Progress' and 'Quarterly Course Hours' worksheets in your Project Plan and email the workbook to your Account Manager.  Your Account Manager will look through it and schedule a 30-minute interview with you to discuss the progress of the training program.
  • Participate in site visits.  Near the end of each quarter, your Account Manager will observe at least 1 hour of training to confirm that training is taking place as described in your application, and that the class environment is conducive to learning.  The visit will be scheduled in advance, based on your project plan.
  • Collect Training Funds sign-in sheets for all classes.  While you do not need to submit these to your Account Manager, they may be audited by the Board of Directors of the Workforce Development Corporation so you must keep them on file for up to three years after training is completed.  Please note that different sign-in sheets should be used for on-the-job, customized and blended training sessions. 

Quarterly Progress Interview Questionnaire (in PDF)

Quarterly Progress Report (in PDF)

On-the-Job Sign-in Sheet (Excel document)

Blended Sign-in Sheet (Word document)

Customized Sign-in Sheet (Word document)

Action Item

Monitor training progress through sign-in sheets and conversations with your training provider

  • Flag any issues that arise
  • Each quarter you will be contacted by your Account Manager to:
    • Schedule a time for your Account Manager to visit and observe training. 
    • Submit the Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) to your Account Manager with trainee status updates and course.


3.  Reimbursement

Once the documentation (detailed above) has been submitted for the past quarter of training, you will receive reimbursement for the costs incurred during that period.  If any documentation is missing or unclear, your reimbursement may be delayed. 

Reimbursement will be capped at the contracted award amount.  Reimbursement will only be made on eligible and documented costs incurred and will be calculated based on the following: 

  • An employer contribution will be subtracted from each reimbursement (50% for businesses with ≥ 125 employees and 40% for businesses with < 125 employees). 
  • An administrative payment (10% of all training costs) will be added to each reimbursement to compensate your business for the time and resources it takes to manage a training program.
  • An additional 20% will be withheld from each reimbursement.  Ninety days after training completion, you will submit payroll documentation to evaluate trainee wage increases. If your business meets the projected wage increases in your contract it will receive all the monies withheld. For example, if a business projects 75% of trainees will receive wage increases and 75% receive wage increases within 90 days of training completion, the 20% close-out payment will be paid in full.  If your business provides wage increases to some trainees but falls below the projection, the payment will be pro-rated accordingly.  If no wage increases are provided within 90 days, the close-out payment will be forfeited.


4.  Changes of Scope

Proposals for changes to project scope will be considered on a case-by-case basis within the first 90 days of the contract term (i.e. 90 days from the Start Date on page 1 of the contract).  Modifications proposed after the first 90 days may result in a reduced or forfeited close-out payment at project completion or unconditional rescission of award. 

To request a change:

  • Inform your Account Manager as soon as you realize that your program might change; your Account Manager will send you a re-formatted version of your original application.
  • Make the proposed changes in the re-formatted version of your Training Funds application and complete the Change of Scope request form (below)—email both to your Account Manager.
  • Respond to any clarifications requested by Training Funds staff.  Decisions can take up to 4 weeks.

Please note that Change of Scope applications are evaluated according to their impact on the cost per trainee, projected wage gains, and timeframe for completing the project. Training Funds staff reserves the right to approve or deny change of scope requests.  Any scope changes implemented without explicit approval from Training Funds staff are undertaken at your own risk.  If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact your Account Manager.

Change of Scope Request form (Excel document)


5.  Press and Publicity

Participating in Training Funds may provide press opportunities for your business. As an awarded company, you will be featured in a press release announcing your award. Please work with your Account Manager to ensure your company is accurately represented. 

At times, site visits may be photographed for Training Funds’ purposes, including marketing materials. These photos will only be used with the permission of the business and persons photographed (see Photo Release Form below).

Please inform your Account Manager if your business does not want publicity beyond the initial press release.

Photo Release Form (in PDF)