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Project Management Guide

- Completing Training

Preparing for TrainingImplementing TrainingCompleting Training

1.  Outcomes

In order to pay out the final 20% of your Training Funds award, Training Funds staff needs to verify that trainees have received wage gains within 6 months of the training’s end.  To demonstrate this:

  • At the end of training, complete your final quarterly report to assess training completion.
  • After the post-training wage gain has taken place, generate payroll records for all trainee records and submit them to your Account Manager.
  • Ask 20% of trainees to complete anonymous Trainee Feedback Forms at the end of training.

In addition, the Training Funds program measures outcomes in a variety of ways at the end of your project and over the six months afterwards as part of ongoing efforts to improve the Training Funds program.  To that end, you will be asked to administer surveys to some of your trainees, complete a Business Satisfaction Survey at the end of training, and complete a Business Results Survey six months after your project has ended. 

Training Funds Business Satisfaction Survey (in PDF)

Training Funds Business Results Survey (in PDF)

Trainee Feedback Form (Word document)

Action Item
  • Generate and submit payroll records 6 months after training completion.
  • Ask 20% of trainees to complete Trainee Feedback Forms on their last day of training.
  • Complete two short online surveys about your experience with Training Funds and any benefits your business experienced.