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Project Management Guide

Preparation, Implementation, & Completion - What to Expect as a Customized Training Awardee

NYC Business Solutions Training looks forward to partnering with you to ensure that your employees gain the skills they need to excel in their careers and increase your business’s profits.  We are invested in the success of your training project and hope that we can help your business achieve its training goals.

The following pages include all of the information and forms you will need to prepare, implement and complete your training project.  However, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager at any time for assistance.

Please remember that your award is subject to, and contingent upon, execution of a contract and certain due diligence measures required for all entities doing business with the city.  The award is paid out in quarterly reimbursements across the training term.  All contractual requirements must be met in order to receive the maximum award amount.

Preparing for Training

After you have received notice of your award, you should re-confirm the details of your proposal, including the number of trainees, courses, and training provider. You will be required to attend a kick-off meeting and to submit several documents before you can sign the contract.  Most importantly, you will need to submit insurance documentation, a sample payroll report, and a completed project plan to your Account Manager.

Implementing Training

During the course of the training project, your Account Manager will monitor the progress of your project and help you manage training towards its successful completion.  This will happen throughout the project in the form of quarterly site visits and the submission of progress reports

Completing Training

6 months after training is complete, you will be expected to provide information to measure the success of the project, including business surveys and payroll reports for all trainees.