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Compete to Win Services
NYC Teaming

Make NYC Your Next Customer

Larger contract opportunities can be challenging when operating as a small business. To help mitigate this obstacle, more small businesses are strategically aligning themselves with other businesses using a practice called “teaming”. 

NYC Teaming offers a series of workshops and webinars that will guide you through the teaming process to help your firm become a more attractive prospect to potential partners and subsequently, potential buyers.  Attend this series of workshops and webinars to prepare for the business matchmaking events where you can meet potential partners for larger and new opportunities.

How Do I Know This Is Right for Me?

  • You are a small business* with revenues below $5 million or a City-certified M/WBE firm
  • You would like to bid on bigger contracts or in contract areas that you haven’t been able to bid on alone

*Small business must be located in a 13 county footprint that includes the five boroughs of New York City, or in one of the following counties: Nassau, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester counties in New York, or Bergen, Hudson, or Passaic counties in New Jersey.

Upcoming NYC Teaming Services 

Joint Venture Workshop - Learn the benefits of teaming, the different types of teaming arrangements, best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and legal considerations when teaming.  This 2-hour workshop is designed to introduce attendees to the concept of teaming, the considerations when selecting partners, and how to execute successfully on teaming relationships.

Marketing Your Business to a Potential Partner Workshop - Learn about the importance of building a strong brand and defining your value proposition, while using effective marketing and communications methods.  This 2-hour workshop is designed to instruct attendees on how best to market their company and products/services to potential partners using a variety of marketing channels.

Presentation Skills Workshop - Perfect your personal branding.  Create and present your most effective elevator pitch and practice reciting it to fellow participants.  This 2-hour, interactive workshop is designed to provide attendees with communications skills they can use when meeting a potential partner and to best represent and present their company and products/services in the most attractive manner.

Responding to a RFP as a Team Workshop - Learn key pointers about responding to a RFP, and review when to bid or not to bid.  This 2-hour workshop is designed to assist business owners with identifying appropriate bid opportunities for various teaming arrangements; understanding pre-proposal considerations, the bidding process and important bidding factors; and how to avoid common mistakes.

Joint Venture Webinar - This 1-hour online session will cover the benefits of teaming, the different types of teaming arrangements, and best practices and pitfalls to avoid with each type of teaming arrangement.  

Marketing Webinar - This 1-hour online session will help attendees make the most of networking events and opportunities.  Learn the importance of effective follow-up to solidify relationships and move closer to sales.

Business Matchmaking Event -  This critical, one-on-one business matchmaking event will offer attendees the opportunity to network with other businesses based on industry, as well as with NYC agency and prime vendor representatives.  This event is primarily designed to encourage networking for potential partners, but may also include content, guest speakers and active RFP facilitated discussions. 

NYC Teaming 2016 event schedule:          

January 25, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Joint Venture Workshop Register
February 25, 2016  (6PM - 8PM) Responding to a RFP Workshop
March 16, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Marketing Workshop
April 21, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Presentation Skills Workshop
May 26, 2016  (12PM - 1PM) Marketing Webinar
June 21, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Joint Venture Workshop
July 14, 2016  (9AM - 12PM) Business Matchmaking Event
August 11, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Responding to a RFP Workshop
September 8, 2016  (12PM - 1PM) Marketing Webinar
September 22, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Marketing Workshop
October 20, 2016  (9AM - 11AM) Presentation Skills Workshop
November 17, 2016  (9AM - 12PM) Business Matchmaking Event

Questions?  Please contact the NYC Teaming Program Manager at, and include "NYC Teaming" in the Subject Line.


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