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NYC Small Business Services
Waterfront Permits

Pursuant to Section 1301 of the New York City Charter, and Title 22 of the NYC Administrative Code, the Department of Small Business Services is tasked with issuing permits for all construction related to improvement or maintenance on Waterfront Properties under SBS Jurisdiction. 

SBS regulates maritime and non-maritime construction for all City-owned waterfront properties.  For privately-owned properties, SBS regulates maritime construction such as piers, docks, bulkheads, and seawalls.

Application Intake Hours

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday to Friday, by appointment.
To schedule appointments, applicants must contact the Waterfront Permits Unit. A legibly completed SBS Intake Checklist must be included with all applications so that all necessary components are received.

NYC Owned Waterfront Property

Permitting Process Overview

Applicants must start by completing the SBS Intake Form.  All required documentation is identified on the form, and additional information may be required pursuant to SBS review.  New applications consist of a completed PW1 or WFU1 form (for maritime structures) and supporting documentation for review by SBS.  Each new application is then assigned a unique SBS application number.  After review by the Waterfront Permits Unit, any objections are returned to the applicant to be resolved.  Once an application has received final acceptance from SBS, contractors may apply for a Work Permit by submitting a PW2 form and current ACORD Insurance Certificates.  Any required special inspection agencies must be identified on TR1 forms prior to filing for a Work Permit. PW5 forms are used to apply for After-Hours Work Permits.  The assigned SBS application number must be clearly noted on all submittals.

For certain jobs coordinated review by the FDNY or DOB is required. In these instances, three (3) sets of drawings, a PW1 form, and any further required documentation must be submitted to SBS to begin the process. After SBS review, drawings are transmitted to FDNY or DOB. Upon approval by FDNY or DOB of the plans, they are sent back to SBS for final acceptance.

To file for an SBS ‘Notice of Completion’ (equivalent to DOB’s Letter of Completion), applicants must submit a completed WFU5, a completed TR1 and all applicable special inspection reports.  To file for an SBS ‘Certificate of Completion’ (equivalent to DOB’s Certificate of Completion), applicants must submit a completed WFU8, a completed TR1, and all applicable special inspection reports.

SBS also issues Temporary Place of Assembly Permits, Place of Assembly Permits, and Gas Cards for the waterfront properties within its jurisdiction.  Application reviews, After-Hours Work Permits, Temporary Place of Assembly Permits, Place of Assembly Permits, and any permit renewals are subject to applicable fees.

This overview of the permitting process is provided only as a general guideline.   Permit requirements may vary for different jobs and therefore applicants are advised to consult with their respective Engineer or Architect of Record.  SBS Work Permits are not listed or tracked on NYC DOB's BIS System.  Applicants may contact the Waterfront Permits Unit to request information, or to set up a pre-filing appointment.

Applicable Fees

(Payment must be made by check payable to Small Business Services)

  • New Application Plan Review Filing Fee – SBS Fee Schedule
  • Post Approval Amendment – $200 if 30 days after Approval. 
  • Renewal of Work Permit - $100
  • Renewal of Temporary Notice/Certificate of Completion - $100
  • Temporary Place of Assembly - $250 (Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days before the date of the event.  Applications submitted less than 10 days in advance of an event may be expedited for an additional $100 fee per day late.)
  • Place of Assembly - $200
  • After Hours Work Permit – per DOB schedule
  • Reinstatement Fees – per DOB schedule

Application Forms

Additional Reference Links

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