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Avenue NYC Program Description 

The Avenue NYC Grant Program funds Community Based Development Organizations (CBDOs) in low- to moderate-income communities across the five boroughs to implement commercial revitalization activities that benefit businesses and local residents. In fiscal year 2015, Avenue NYC will fund initiatives in five project categories, which form key steps in the Neighborhood Development Division’s strategic commercial revitalization process. 

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Eligibility

The Avenue NYC Grant Program is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant Program. Organizations receiving Avenue NYC funding must execute projects in compliance with specific eligibility requirements:

  • Grant recipients must execute projects in neighborhoods designated as low or moderate-income according to the 2000 Census data. At least 51% of the residents located within the census tracts that encompass the target commercial area must be low to moderate-income persons living in households with incomes below 80% of the median household.
  • Grant recipients must provide services in neighborhoods where at least 51% of the population is residents according to the 2000 Census data. CDBG-funded projects within the context of the Avenue NYC Grant Program must therefore ensure that local residents, as opposed to non-residents or tourists, can access the goods and services they need from their local commercial district.

For more information on CDBG Eligibility and Requirements, please visit the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's webpage.

Information for FY15 Avenue NYC Grant Recipients ONLY

If your organization has been granted an Avenue NYC award for FY 2015, it must enter into a contract with the City of New York in order to receive funding. Below is a list of all required documents and deadlines for submission. For a more comprehensive explanation of these documents, please review the FY 15 Avenue NYC Orientation Presentation, presented on June 6th 2014.

STEP 1 - Scoping Proposal, Budget, Cost Allocation Plan (Final submission due June 11th)

Scoping Proposal - submit one for each awarded project category 
   • Merchant Organizing
   • Capacity Building
   • Business Attraction
   • Façade Improvement
   • Placemaking

Exhibit B, Budget

Cost Allocation Plan (Sample) - All of an organization's employees must be listed on the Cost Allocation Plan (CAP), even if they are not working on the FY 15 Avenue NYC project. For the sake of the CAP, interns are not considered employees and should not be listed.

STEP 2 – Procurement Documents (resubmissions due by June 11th)
Use the links below to access the most updated versions of the required procurement documents. For more information on each document listed below, review your organization’s award letter or visit

• Disclosure & Compliance Form – submit one original copy

• Doing Business Data Form – submit one original copy

• Most Recent Audited Financial Statements

• Commercial General Liability Insurance (Sample ACORD Form): The City of New York (110 William St. 7th Floor, New York, NY, 10038) must be added as a Certificate Holder and listed as an Additional Insured to each of the insurance policies outlined 

• Business Automobile Liability Insurance

• Worker’s Compensation and Employee Liability (sample): If your organization does not own a vehicle or does not have employees, please submit a memo (sample) on your organization’s letterhead to your contract manager specifying this in order to verify that you are exempt from the insurance requirement(s).

• VENDEX Vendor Questionnaire and Principal Questionnaire (only for vendors new to VENDEX or with changes in their vendor and/or principal profiles) - submit to the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services

• VENDEX Memo (only for vendors new to VENDEX or with changes in their vendor and/or principal profiles) – submit to Contract Manager

• VENDEX Certification of No Change (only for vendors with a current VENDEX profile and no changes in their vendor or principal profiles) – submit 2 original copies

• New York State Charities Bureau (Detailed Instructions) – verify that your organization’s registration is up to date and accurate by requesting verification via email from the NYS Charities Bureau and submitting one original copy of the New York State Charities Bureau Filing Certification. If your organization is exempt from the requirement to register with the NYS Charities Bureau, request verification of exemption via email from the NYS Charities Bureau and submit one original copy of the Certification of Exemption Form .

• Ensure that your organization is registered and with a current profile in the Payee Information Portal

• Subcontractors – only complete with the help of the subcontractor(s) if your organization will be hiring subcontractor(s) to assist in executing the FY 15 project 
Exhibit ESubcontractor Disclosure & Compliance Certification Form, submit three original copies
Exhibit FSubcontractor Approval Form, submit three original copies
Exhibit GSubcontractor Agreement Form, submit 3 original copies
Submit a memo on your organization’s letterhead stating the reason for hiring a subcontractor(s) and what   he/she/firm will be executing with respect to the FY 15 Avenue NYC project   

• Ensure that your organization is enrolled in the Vendor Payment Direct Deposit                                                                             

General inquiries about the Avenue NYC Program, application, or information sessions should be e-mailed to