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Neighborhood Challenge Project Application
To Apply:
      (1) Complete this application form.
      (2) Submit the required supporting materials listed below.
Name of Organization:* Organization Name required.
Is your organization incorporated as a non-profit entity in New York State? Please select yes or no
Is your organization registered with the Charities Bureau of the New York State Office of the Attorney General? Please select yes or no
Organization Mailing Address:* Organization's Mailing Address required.
Organization City:* Organization's City required.
Organization State:* Organization's State required.
Organization Zip Code(plus-4-code optional):* Organization's Zip Code required.
Organization Website:* Organization's Website required.
Organization Contact Person:* Organization's Contact Person is required
Organization Contact Person Phone Number (extension optional):* Organization's Contact Phone Number required.
Organization Contact Email Address:* Organization's Contact Email Address is required
Organization's Borough:* Organization's Borough is required.
Organization's Neighborhood:* Organization's Neighborhood is required
What is the Neighborhood Challenge Project Category that your organization is submitting?* Project Category is required.
File Uploads: Please note that the combined file size for all files uploaded must be less than 3MB. If you are unable to upload your documents with this form a staff person from SBS will follow up with you by email to receive them.
Click here to upload 1-page (maximum) project summary that outlines the project’s Vision, Implementation, Outcome/Impact, Sustainability, Partnerships and Budget: . Please attach your project summary.
Click here to upload 10-slide (maximum) PowerPoint presentation (submitted in PDF form) illustrating the project’s Vision, Implementation Timetable, Outcome/Impact, Sustainability, Partnerships, and Budget: . Please attach your PowerPoint presentation.
Click here to upload Project Budget (line item description of project costs and related expenses): . Please attach your project budget.

*If you have any difficulty uploading documents via this application page, please submit your Neighborhood Challenge documents through email.

You can also submit the following supplemental application items separately via email:

  • A list of members of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers.
  • Relevant letters of support or proof of additional resources being added to the proposed project.
  • A FY2013 actual operating budget of the organization.
  • A FY2014 approved operating budget of the organization.

Email Address: